Transformation Tuesday – Charles Arcario

Transformation Tuesday – Charles Arcario

When did you start Flexible Eating?

February 28th, 2017 approximately 2 months after

my first CrossFit class.

What prompted you to get started?

I would like to be able to say that it was a conscious decision I made after 47 years on this planet that fueled a desire to live a long and healthy life free of the diseases, ailments and restrictions that come with practicing poor eating habits… but that would be a load of bullshit.

What I really mean to say is that I want to be able to move a ridiculous amount of weight, move correctly in every situation, and to look good naked… for any age.

I am an 80/20 guy when it makes sense to be, so I did a quick analysis of my surroundings, my coaches and my boxmates and saw that there was a common denominator (or 2) for those that possessed some of the
traits that I wanted to emulate. So if I wanted to be able to lift like Derek, run like Hailey, commit like Katrina, and be wise like Watts… it was blaringly obvious that I was going to have to start eating right like they did.

What changes have you noticed in your body?

FE doesn’t take very long to get started, depending on what your expectations and goals are. I am not a big “scale guy”, so I had my favorite tool shined up and conditioned… my belt.

I am a few loops down since starting and it feels great. I have even caught my wife in a double take or two. I am quite a bit from my goal weight that I used to calculate my macros, but I am not in as much of a rush. One of my favorite images to remember is Jason’s Chart of “What weight loss really looks like”.
Again, I am not as concerned with the scale as I am with my performance.

Look, I’m new to CrossFit. I am a waking PR Bell.

But there are some benefits that I have experience that can’t all be placebo. I am sleeping better, I have freed myself of a few rashes, less aches and pains, less inflammation, I can see the top of my belt buckle while I am standing, I have more energy in and out of the gym, I am stronger, I recover better, I can think more clearly in the mornings, my most recent blood work was the best it
has been for years, and I have turned into the best gringo salsa dancer in Southwest Florida and maybe even the world…

… honestly, I already was the last one before flexible eating.

What has been your biggest obstacle that you have overcome or are working on?

As it pertains to FE (and at the risk of sounding over confident) there are no major ones to report. You answer a few questions honestly, you do the Math/Science, and you hit the numbers. My favorite part of this WOE is that it is a puzzle every day. What can I fit in my belly that fits my macros? Hell sometimes when I get bored I will eat something in the morning that I did not prepare for and not count it till I’m done just so that I can MacroGyver my way out of the mess I made for myself.

I guess if I had to pick an actual obstacle, it is probably “regret”. Regret for all of the time that I spent Yo-Yo dieting and restricting myself from the things I love to eat. Regret that I had a fear of certain foods and punished myself for eating them. Regret that I didn’t start sooner.

… but I don’t have to worry about being a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty guy now that I have found the right sized glass.

What’s one piece of advice you would give someone that is just getting started?

Zebra Cakes are the freakin’ bomb!

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