Transformation Tuesday – Heather Karnes

Transformation Tuesday – Heather Karnes

I got started because I was at the end of my rope with my weight gain after having two children. I was already taking crossfit classes and I attempted paleo and a low calorie diet. Nothing was working. I joined literally three days after a consult with a doctor to have the Orbera procedure. Where I would have a balloon placed into my stomach for 6 months. If this didn’t work I was going to go through with the procedure.

I lost 50 pounds in 52 weeks and 6 pants sizes. I went from a BMI of 31 to 25.5. I’ve definitely hit PR’s all around but I’m mostly proud of the fact that I can do normal push ups now without being on my knees.

my biggest obstacle is believing in myself. I don’t always give myself enough credit

One piece of advice to someone getting started. Don’t blow an entire day or week if you don’t hit your numbers perfectly. Forgive yourself and move on. This is a lifestyle and not a diet.

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