Transformation Tuesday – Jade Bowser

Transformation Tuesday – Jade Bowser

I’m not sure who was more excited about Jade getting started on this journey! The minute I discovered she was a pastry chef I thought to myself, “this lifestyle is going to be life-changing for this girl”.

OK I lie, my first thought was “WHAT?! Where at because I need to go there now!” 🙂 The girl has managed to get through vacations and opening her own restaurant all whilst getting started with Own Your Eating. Read on to find out how Jade has made flexible eating work for her despite the hazards of her job.

When did you start Flexible Eating?

I started my Flexible eating journey July 4, 2017. I bought the “just get me started” bundle and dabbled for a couple weeks (tracking just protein, talking myself out of it, being fearful.. etc) and then fully committed on a MAJOR Holiday. Oddly enough, I knew I was committed when I made it through the entire holiday and came as close to 000’s as one can get..

What prompted you to get started?

As a pastry chef, eating carb and fat laden deliciousness is a hazard of the job. And when you are opening a restaurant, development is even more a part of the job. I would test 6 recipes in a day… Lets say I worked on chocolate chunk cookies.. thats two bites of 6 different recipes.. in one day. That right there is about 500+calories.

So you can see why this program is amazing for someone like me. Not only is the job hard on macros, but my mind is tough on me. I’ve always struggled with my weight and self esteem… I was in a down time where I hated myself (simply because I was eating ALOT of sweets) and it was showing. I had to make a change and this program was a perfect fit.

What changes have you noticed in your body?

The changes I have seen so far (I’m only half way there) are innumerable: obviously my clothes fit better (my jeans are falling off of me), but my energy level is very high. I wake up with tons of energy, and I’m able to stay awake longer than I was before which is so important for a chef who works crazy hours!

I’ve also seen improvements at the gym. Two years ago I injured my back at a crossfit competition and I haven’t been able to focus and get back to anywhere near where my performance level was. I am happy to say that I am within 15-20 pounds of my ALL time PR’s in every single lift, and have even gotten within a few lbs of my Clean and Jerk PR!

My recovery time is also so much better (I am able to go to the gym more often) and my WOD times have improved, especially those wods that test lactic threshold and/or cardio.

What has been your biggest obstacle that you have overcome or are working on?

My largest obstacle is still having the ability to say no after one bite. If I never eat it.. I won’t start. But if I have just one bite, it starts a chain reaction of eating events. The thing I love the most though is that the program is forgiving. So when I fall off the wagon, I ALWAYS jump right back on the next day.. and my body recovers quickly.

What’s one piece of advice you would give someone that is just getting started?

The one piece of advice I would give… would be to stay the course and have faith. Give it your all (some days that is NOT triple zeros) but always TRY and try hard. The program works (I mean come on.. I make and eat doughnuts and cake and cookies for a LIVING).. Believe in it.. have faith and it will work. My weight loss has NOT been fast. But I know it will stay off. I am getting stronger everyday, and gaining the confidence I need to be a healthy and happy person. Its a freeing thing to have finally figured that out.

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