Transformation Tuesday – Jess Pawlik

Transformation Tuesday – Jess Pawlik

I started Flexible Eating December of 2015 when my Coach at CrossFit 7 Mile wanted me to start tracking what I was eating. He gave me some specific numbers and asked that I just try to hit them everyday. Two weeks later, I attended a flexible eating

seminar with Jason and the rest they say is history. I’ve been following flexible eating since then.

Since starting, I’ve lost inches and gained muscle since being on this programme. I am currently a size four and that has never ever happened in my life. Since starting flexible eating I have lost about 20 pounds. My performance in the gym has definitely improved and I have seen a number of PR’s not only in weightlifting but endurance as well.

My biggest obstacle I have overcome I think is the judgement that sometimes comes with flexible eating. When people don’t understand something they tend to judge you. ‘You weigh and measure everything?’ They would and still do say to me. I am in a place now where I say, ‘yeah I do and I look and feel great!’

My biggest piece of advice honestly, just try it. You have absolutely nothing to lose except the weight you are trying to get rid of. Don’t be overwhelmed by the tracking, after 2 weeks it becomes routine and a habit. It honestly is empowering because for the first time, I feel in control of what I put into my body. With other diets, it was always very restricting. Now I have control on what I want or don’t want to eat. Can’t thank you guys enough!

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