Transformation Tuesday – Misty Dahlke

Transformation Tuesday – Misty Dahlke

I was first introduced to flexible eating in October 2016. I watched all the videos and got started, but didn’t stick to it as I allowed a vacation and holidays to sidetrack me. I really started getting serious March 1, 2017


I participated in a World’s Best Boot Camp. I was there for the workouts and not at all interested in hearing about another “diet”. But as I listened to how unique flexible eating sounded, I figured that one last ditch effort , with yet another food plan, couldn’t hurt. So thankful that I went for it!

As far as body changes go, I’ve lost 16 pounds to date. I’m 1/3 way to my goal. I’ve dropped two pants sizes and 4 belt notches. If that weren’t great enough, I’ve looked back to photos from February, shortly before I got serious, and I was stunned to see the change in my body composition. In Crossfit, I am beginning to see PR’s during our weightlifting classes – most recently, I went from a 145 lb PR on my deadlift to 205. I was SO excited!

I can answer this both ways. The biggest obstacle I have overcome is mental. I say this to anyone who will listen because it’s HUGE for me. I had a terribly unhealthy relationship with food and with myself. I would go as far as to say that I had an eating disorder. There are so many diets out there and I’ve attempted many of them. I would have success for a time, but would ultimately gain it back because they weren’t a lifestyle. And, when I would quit or fail, I would obsess over it. I’d beat myself up so badly and it would consume me daily – for years. With flexible eating, I’ve literally found a freedom . That may sound a little overboard, but I was broken, and now I’m not ☺

An obstacle I am working on is staying the course on weekends. I am trying to overcome an old mentality of having a cheat day on the weekend. I know I don’t need it, so there is some fine tuning to do and it’s a process for me.

One piece of advice – – one piece is hard. I could talk about my thoughts and experience for hours! Something Jason said in one of the videos (and I’m not going to quote this just right) was to plan something each day that is a treat. For me, not feeling deprived has gone along way to assist with the healing process. I track something “fun” each day, whether it be a dessert, a favorite dinner, etc.

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