Transformation Tuesday – Rachel Murray

Transformation Tuesday – Rachel Murray

I started flexible Eating around Feb 19, 2017.

I got started with Jason because I was attempting macros for the second time with someone else. The first time I lost some weight but immediately gained it back. The second time I found it almost impossible to hit the numbers.

I was so frustrated and hungry to the point of not feeling well which then discouraged me from working out which led to basically giving up. I never had a problem with weight and never had to watch what I ate. After I had my twin boys I got back to my pre pregnancy weight but then gained 10lbs over the past few years and I am ready to get back to that pre pregnancy weight. I also want to be fit and healthy for my sons to show them a healthy lifestyle as they grow up.

Changes I have noticed are weight loss of about 8 lbs as of now. I don’t take a lot of measurements, however at this point in a before and after picture I definitely see a major difference in my stomach/midsection.

My biggest obstacle are when I get stressed I tend to take a handful of a snack (usually not healthy) instead of what I accounted for. It is almost always chocolate. Alcohol I have no problem not touching but chocolate gets me. The other thing I have had a hard time with is making meals with variation/ingredients. I feel like I just don’t have the time to measure all of the required ingredients out.

My one piece of advice to someone just starting out is to just do it. You will have bad days or days that you feel like your not making progress. For me I just say to myself I am still taking steps and one step back doesn’t mean I cant take 3 steps forward. Once you see progress which you will then you gain confidence to know this really works. For me a big piece of this is that I am doing this just eating supplements which I was really pressured with when using other weight loss program. I am looking forward to continuing to make progress with Jason and Roz as my guides!

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