Transformation Tuesday – Shannon Hube

Transformation Tuesday – Shannon Hube

What prompted you to get started?

So here’s my story it all started a little over two years – August 12 when I was going to go somewhere and I had to put on maternity jeans. I was mortified at this point

– I had not been pregnant for over a year. There was no reason I should’ve still been in maternity jeans. It wasn’t fair to my kids or me. I needed to get healthy. I started watching what I was eating and I started walking. That was really the only thing to do at that point. I could only walk about a mile – my oldest son – little Bruce would go with me and I would push the boys in the stroller. And to be honest with you I couldn’t even walk the full mile pushing the boys – he usually had to help me. But I got better and I started working harder and then I was up to 2 miles. Then I was up to 3 and then 4. Then, Christmas rolls around I had lost about maybe 10 pounds and I was proud of myself but I was nowhere near what what I wanted to be at. I had set a goal that I wanted to get to and I knew I needed to do more but I didn’t know what. I tried P90X I tried to T25 and I couldn’t keep up even with the modified person and I wasn’t really motivated by those. So then I see this World’s Best Boot Camp – Clay County come across my Facebook suggested posts. It was an advertisement to start your new year out right and enter to win! And I was like alright what the hell because if I win this thing it’s a sign right? Well the next thing I know some strange guy is send me Facebook messages saying hey congratulations you won and I was like well Hells Bells what am I gonna do now? So I committed and I said alright I’m gonna do this. I was still over 200 pounds(first photo). Enlistment day was probably one of the hardest things I had ever done – they set a baseline for us and we had to get certain exercises done in 10 minutes and I didn’t even finish. I couldn’t even get through all the exercises- I was in no shape I was round but that was it. But I was told that anybody could do this and I had told myself I was going to do this. So, I committed. Shortly after starting, I saw pictures of myself that had gotten posted and I remember spending the entire weekend crying because I couldn’t believe how bad I let myself go. Then I hit a plateau – weight watchers wasn’t working and I wasn’t pleased with what the scale was saying – Then Noel brought up this flexible eating challenge starting on July 1 -I said you know what -what the hell. Noel always referred to me as a classic under eater and that’s saying a lot because I gave up sweet tea for this man – so I figured I would try this especially because Jason (the founder) was like – hey you can eat whatever -you just meet your macros – and I was like what the hell is a macro? so I set MyFitnessPal up and I followed directions- I watched all the lessons. I live for the videos that they post and I am now not even a full pound away from the first goal that I set for myself.

What changes have you noticed in your body?
i.e. – weight, measurements, clothes, PRs

I have lost 57 pounds so far. And I’ve 27” – I have recommended this program to several people because even though with weight watchers you can still eat what you want and I wasn’t eating enough to help me work out and keep up with the muscle mass that my body was building. Even though I’ve lost over 50 pounds I’ve also gained muscle- in a way that offsets some of the weight loss (not in a bad way)

I am constantly increasing my endurance for WODS and have hit some incredible PRs – 225 lb deadlift

What has been your biggest obstacle that you have overcome or are working on?

Biggest obstacles are hitting my numbers on weekends or when my husband is home – he doesn’t eat as often as I do – but I’ve gotten better and planning out my day ahead of time and making days at the ballpark work

What’s one piece of advice you would give someone that is just getting started?

Trust the process – it was really hard for me to eat so much food in the beginning and that innate fear I would put the weight back on if I did
Give it a chance – do your best to get +/- 5 consistently and you’ll see results

***It should be noted, I’ve had 6 kids … the oldest is 20 and the youngest is 3
20,18,12,11,4 and 3
1 girl 5 boys.

Some current PRs:

Back squat 180

Front squat 150

Clean 120

OHS 85

Snatch 80

Push press 115

Jerk 130

Dead lift 225

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