Transformation Tuesday – Stacey Dolfi

Transformation Tuesday – Stacey Dolfi

Every week we bring you a motivational transformation interview from one of our followers. This week we’re proud to present the beautiful Stacey Dolfi who has had some incredible successes with weight gain! Not only has she transformed her body but she has improved her energy, her performance in the gym and her whole mindset when it comes to her relationship with food.

Read on to find out how Stacey approached flexible eating and had success with the Own Your Eating program!

When did you start Flexible Eating?

I started flexible eating mid January 2017

What prompted you to get started?

My friend and fellow lover of CrossFit, Terri Baker.

What changes have you noticed in your body?

I have noticed all round changes in both my body and my mind. My weight has increased and at first this freaked me out a bit but I trusted the process and I took lots of progress pictures. I then started to notice that my body was changing for the better. I went from 102-105lbs. to a solid 113-115 in about 5 months. Funny enough my clothes still fit!! Just better! They fit how they should actually fit! Lol. I didn’t really take measurements, instead I solely relied on the way I looked and felt. I’ve had some major PR’s in the gym lately and they just keep coming. I went from a 115 deadlift to 185 lbs! My cleans went from 75 to 95 lbs. I can finally do most wods RX (as prescribed). Everything has gotten so much better and feels so much better!!!

What has been your biggest obstacle that you have overcome or are working on?

My biggest obstacle was staying out of my own head and just staying focused on the task. Not getting caught up in the “wrong numbers”. I’m contributing overcoming my weaknesses to my husband and my CF family for supporting me and my goals.

What’s one piece of advice you would give someone that is just getting started?

We aren’t made to be perfect. Try your best at everyday and accept the fact that you are human. Realize the “change is messy” (thanks TB!) and that if you shot and miss… just keep shooting. Michael Jordan didn’t make every shot but he never gave up.

I’m so glad I started this journey and so excited to see where I can go from here!!!!

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