Transformation Tuesday – Tara Shoebridge

Transformation Tuesday – Tara Shoebridge

Every Tuesday we will be bringing to you someone that has seen results with our Flexible Eating Program.

These results differ from person to person, some see results on the scale, while others notice it in the mirror, and others have cultivated a more positive relationship with food.

We would love to feature you.

If you have have a story and change you want to share with others, shoot us a message.


When did you start Flexible Eating?

I started
flexible eating a little over 3 weeks ago

What prompted you to get started?

I was SO bored of the routine I had been following for a year. I ate the same exact things every day and never strayed away from it. Jason was my L1 CrossFit coach and when I came across his page and HIS results, I knew I had to get started #iwanttolooklikejason

What changes have you noticed in your body?

i.e. – weight, measurements, clothes, PRs

My weight hasn’t changed EVEN adding 100g more of carbs every day! Now I eat 200g of carbs daily at 124 pounds body weight. My muscles pop MORE And I’ve been PRing my lifts while still maintaining my speed in metcons and gymnastics.

What has been your biggest obstacle that you have overcome or are working on?

Telling myself that 200g of carbs a day and eating foods I like (peanut butter sandwiches , pudding, cookies, and ice cream) is OKAY and to just put all my trust in Jason. I have a past of an eating disorder so I was scared of gaining weight and diminishing my progress. Like so many I will always have that mentality that carbs are bad and that I’ll get fat. Instead, I’ve been looking leaner and more muscular. TRUST THE PROCESS!

What’s one piece of advice you would give someone that is just getting started?

Jason and Roz. Hit your numbers. Eat foods you like. And…. never look back!! Because whatever you’re doing, isn’t working.

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