Transformation Tuesday – Taylor Haydock

Transformation Tuesday – Taylor Haydock

By now you’ve seen her transformation picture…it damn near blew up the internet! Now hear her story, because Taylor is more than a pretty face or a chick with a six pack. Find out how she finally lost weight around her mid-section and what her take is on Flexible Eating…

“It’s just so normal now. Honestly it’s a part of my daily routine it’s become almost effortless”, is what Taylor has to say about flexible eating after following the Own Your Eating program.

Click on the video above to listen to the full interview where we discuss the following:

  • How having your significant other participate makes it so much easier.
  • How after being on medication to control arthritis, with our program she is off medication and disease free.
  • The fact that she is at her pre-baby weight and even at the same weight she was at in college with adding more muscle.
  • How this plan is a “good fit for anyone.”
  • Tracking her food actually helps her curb her cravings.
  • Her one big piece of advice.

All of this and more in her interview!

Updated progress photo as of September 2017:

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