Transformation Tuesday – Todd Manno

Transformation Tuesday – Todd Manno

I started in June 2016 because the harder I trained, the more I ate. My Jiu Jitsu GIs were too tight and I was too sluggish on the mats.

I lost 5 inches on my waist, 21 pounds total.

My knees no longer hurt and I’ve cut 10 minutes off my 5k PR. I can roll in Jiu Jitsu as long as I want because I’m not carrying extra weight, and my technique in weight training has vastly improved.

Clothes that I thought I would never fit in are now too big. I mentioned to my wife tonight that if I lose any more weight, I will have to completely replace my wardrobe.

My biggest obstacle is mood and anxiety. After losing 20 pounds in less than 5 months, I got really inconsistent on logging macros and exercise. I started tracking seriously again in May but didn’t see real results until August when I incorporated running into my exercise regimen. My diet has become extremely consistent in the past 6 weeks to a point that I can predict my weight each morning when I get on the scale.

My advice to anyone getting started is to remember, Carbs are not your enemy. Everyone has a gimmick to lose weight. Enjoy every gram of your protein, carbs and fat every day and block out everything else.

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