Weight Loss Blog | Breakfast to Bed with Laura – #1

Weight Loss Blog | Breakfast to Bed with Laura – #1


Let me introduce you to Laura, a mom of 3, businesswoman, former CrossFit regionals athlete and recovering bulimic. Laura is a dear friend, client and an inspirational leader in her community.

Like many women, Laura struggles with the pressures of family and work to prioritize her own wellness and find balance. More than ever, she is determined to make her diet something that is sustainable and realistic and turn her back on an eating disorder that has haunted her for most of her adult life.

Laura’s two weeks in to being back on track with her macros and is down 2 lbs. Read on as Laura chronicles her journey with weight loss and Own Your Eating in 2018!


Monday 15th January 2018

Hey there! Coming on strong with a comeback. Spent a weekend away
with my husband Saša celebrating 20 years of marriage. As a bonus, we got to catch up with Jason and Roz. Came back to a crazy schedule of three kids sports practices and doctor’s appointments. Somehow amidst the craziness I lost 2 pounds! So I’ve planned out our menu for the week. It’s the only way to survive and darn it, I want to get back to where I was after this roller coaster ride!

This is for all the moms out there- life is nuts. Duh, you know that. My kitchen is a conveyor belt and food better be available and cooked. I work part-time and volunteer the rest. This year, I will make a commitment to track my journey and post Sunday planning.

Since this is an “A” week as far as veggies and meals go, this is what is on the menu and I just spent three hours cooking. Ready for dinners, lunches and all the rest! I don’t need to cook during the week now so when unexpected things happen – picking up sick kids, dealing with snow days etc. you know,
life! – I don’t have to worry that there’s nothing ready to eat. It’s all done! Plus, some can go into freezer. Anyone else have a plan that works well for their family?

Menu for the week:

Mix and match so I can easily hit my macros –
Baked salmon with Dijon mustard
Grilled chicken
Roasted cauliflower rice
Roasted kale and Brussels sprouts
Sautéed cabbage
Bagged veggies

Family meals –
Zucchini, bacon and hummus soup
Turkey sausage and peppers with pizza sauce

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