Weight Loss Blog | Breakfast to Bed with Laura – #6

Weight Loss Blog | Breakfast to Bed with Laura – #6

Sometimes in life you can feel like you’re just chugging along. The expression “same sh*t different day” springs to mind! It’s easy to feel the same way with your nutrition when your weight loss graph stops resembling a ski-slope and looks more like a cross-country course. Don’t forget, this is a marathon though and not a sprint! So it’s important you’re able to recognize shifts in your mindset and take appropriate action. Can you reframe and find another perspective? Can you find a reason to be cheerful?

Tuesday, 20th March 2018

About 2.5 months in and I am down 10 pounds. Slow and steady but, hey, forward is forward. And my pants are a bit looser so, yahoo, that is what this is for. There are other victories than the scale and celebrating feeling good is more important.

Through the ups and downs, I continue to log everyday and prep meals as much as possible. I may not be perfect but trying is better than not trying at all. Now, if I could really mange the jelly beans.

Food for the week- sick of plain old meat and veggies? I had to shake it up this week.

  • Lite style Bosnian Pita (sorta like spanakopita but better)
  • Mexican skillet
  • Roasted shredded broccoli and cauliflower
  • Kale chips for salads, etc.
  • Grilled chicken thrown through the food processor. (Tired of boring grilled chicken? Once finely chopped, I add to soups, salads, mix with salsa, etc.)

Even the dog was excited by the smells coming out the kitchen!

Watch this space as Laura will be sharing some of her amazing family recipes with us soon! What are some of your favorite family meals to prep in advance for the week ahead? Head on over to the Lifestyle group and share your recipes & pictures with us!




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