Workout of the Day – CrossFit Spirit

Workout of the Day – CrossFit Spirit

CrossFit WOD 08/21/17

Saved by a downpour, Jason was spared the pain of running 1200m – that’s what happens when you drop into boxes in the North of the country in the middle of summer!

We get it, its summer and you want to be outdoors! We’ve just been unlucky in that just about every wod we’ve hit in the last couple weeks has had some running in it. Taking the run out of this wod actually made it somewhat worse though as there was zero opportunity for recovery! Here it is:


Kettlebell swings


Jason managed it in 6:53 and I hit it in 6:15 – swings and burpees are my jam! If you want to add some running in to the mix then include a 400m run after each round.

Before the wod we hit a strength component of 5 x 3 front squats at 80%. After eating 70% of our food for the day at lunch I was feeling pretty strong so I loaded up the bar and comfortably hit 115lbs. across. Not too bad considering I haven’t had too much time to work my strength in the last month of travels.

Here’s how Jason felt about the wod…

We had so much fun at CrossFit Spirit. Mel has done an awesome job at creating a fun and friendly environment for all to work out in.

Thanks to Becky Macar’s amazing transformation with our program, everyone was excited to attend our seminar and learn more about flexible eating and nutrition. Becky is 52 years young and thanks to her diligence with Own Your Eating she’s lost close to 30lbs., got her first muscle up and has abs to boot! She looks amazing!

The attendance at our seminar was overwhelming as was the food! Donuts from Hinckley Donuts & Coffee, pizza from Antonio’s, homemade cookies, sandwiches and a veggie tray were all on offer!

No running and the members bring our favorite food? I think we’ll definitely be back to this box! 🙂

We had not expected such a generous offering of food so we had already eaten a hefty amount at lunch, anticipating a late night and little opportunity to eat more. We stopped in at Lucky’s Cafe in Tremont, which has been featured on Diner’s Drive ins and Dives. We certainly didn’t have any regrets enjoying their farm to table menu. We ordered and shared their Reuben and Bacon Cheeseburger which were both incredible!

Instead of screwing up our numbers for the day, we took some donuts home and decided we’d have them for breakfast in the morning. That’s the best thing about sleep, it’s like a time machine to more macros!

Thanks for having us at CrossFit Spirit! It was so fun to meet you all and we can’t wait to hear about your experiences with flexible eating as you get started on your journey to Own Your Eating!

p.s. You won’t die without alcohol! 😉

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