Workout of the Day – Driv Fitness CrossFit

Workout of the Day – Driv Fitness CrossFit

CrossFit WOD 07/03/2017

Here’s a firecracker of a metcon to get your heart rate racing ahead of those 4th July fireworks! Programming courtesy of Todd Occhiuto, owner and coach at

Driv Fitness CrossFit St Augustine.

4 minute AMRAP x 3

10 toes-to-bar

30 double unders

max burpees in remaining time

*rest 3 minutes

*repeat a total of 3 times

*Make sure you comment below with your scores!

Our strategy was to go fast out the gate and just do our best to maintain. As you can see from our scores I’m not sure this strategy was proven to be most effective! I was only 1 ahead going into the last round. I stayed hot on Jason’s heels but he was first to his double unders so I knew I had to go all out on the burpees if I wanted to maintain my lead. I did just enough to close the gap, inching ahead and winning the workout by 1 burpee! The smug satisfaction of winning by 1 was totally worth the pain…

I credit my victory to fueling my body with pizza for lunch and dinner the day before 🙂 I highly recommend trying out
Pizza Time on St George’s Street in downtown St Augustine – voted 2nd best pizza in the country on TripAdvisor – as well as family owned and operated Niko’s Pizza in Palatka. You’ll have a harder time trying to decide what to order than you will trying to finish this wod!

Having said that, don’t underestimate all the burpees! Jason and I attacked this workout after a 90-minute bike ride around town and a stack of pancakes. Fortunately we managed to keep the pancakes in our bellies instead of on the floor of the box!

Make sure you check out our recipe for these delicious
protein-packed pancakes!

Thank you Driv Fitness for having us at your box and thank you coach Kaylee for pushing us through this brutal wod – sidenote if a pregnant lady is yelling at you, you do what she says! And if you weren’t already somewhat intimidated by the wod, I think my face and post-workout swole says it all. Jason is pretending to be cheerful but is secretly sipping on haterade 😉

We had a lot of fun getting to meet your members and educate them about macros. We hope you start seeing a lot more PRs and your members enjoy all that pizza they can eat now they know they need to eat more! 🙂

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