Workout of the Day – Badger CrossFit

Workout of the Day – Badger CrossFit

CrossFit WOD 08/14/17

This is a great workout for those of you who might not be CrossFitters as it doesn’t involve a barbell. Something I learnt from the CrossFit Open earlier this year however is never underestimate

a workout with dumbbells in it! Check it out.


600M run

then AMRAP of:

9 dumbbell deadlifts (53lbs men / 35 lbs women)

6 burpees

dumbbell power cleans

We had some great strategic advice from the coach of our class who recommended trying to go unbroken for all 3 power cleans straight into those deadlifts. 35 lb dumbbell power cleans are no joke unbroken. I actually modified as I wanted to maintain my speed through the workout and ensure I kept all my power cleans and deadlifts unbroken so I went for 30 lbs. Jason did the Rx weight for the men and did his best to keep up with some of the elite athletes resident at Badger CrossFit.

Jason and I attacked this workout later in the day after an indulgent breakfast at Blue’s Egg in Wauwatosa, Milwaukee courtesy of box owner, Tyler Sullivan. We were so well fueled that Jason says he was able to push harder than he wanted to!

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Here’s what we ate at Blue’s Egg. To start we shared some monkey bread complete with bourbon spiked caramel dipping sauce. I knew I was going to need to keep my fats in check so I went for an egg white omelette with chicken, chorizo, goats cheese, pickled chillies & rich tomato sauce. Of course I couldn’t resist getting some stuffed hash on the side too! Jason went for their classic Benedict and a stuffed ham and cheese hash.

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I probably consumed about half of my calories for the day with this breakfast. I actually quite enjoy starting the day with a big breakfast because it removes the need to worry about eating for at least 4-5 hours. Sometimes more! Obviously its always easier to track when you’re making food in your kitchen but this meal really wasn’t too challenging to track. Monkey bread and hash browns are easy to find in My Fitness Pal and omelettes are generally easy to track if you ask your sever how many eggs they use. When you eat out you have to accept that what you’re tracking is not going to be perfect but it’s better than not tracking at all!

After breakfast we decided to do some exploring and enjoy the beautiful weather with a walk by the lake. We pottered around the lakefront trail leading up to Bradford Beach and had some fun in the sun monkeying around on the fitness equipment in the parks.

We had an awesome time at Badger CrossFit and in Milwaukee. We were super impressed with the size of the box and it’s membership base with a 400-strong community. Classes were well-managed by having two coaches on hand during busy class times. Badger CrossFit has all the toys you could want at any CrossFit box and it even has its own veggie garden!

At 5 minutes around the corner from Colectivo Coffee in one direction and Cranky Al’s donut and pizzeria in the other, this box is in a premium location for foodies and coffee addicts, i.e. people like us! Of course we take any food and coffee recommendations very seriously so we made sure to stop in at both during our short stopover in Milwaukee.

We had a great time during our seminar, educating the members of Badger CrossFit about eating to fuel their performance and how to keep track of foods like Ian’s Pizza by the Slice – we had eaten at their location in Madison and were super stoked to find out that they were based in Milwaukee too that we went for a second night in a row! I mean how can you pass up on Mac n Cheese pizza?!

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Milwaukee is a cool, hipster little city with an awesome vibe. Everyone we encountered was super friendly and people generally seemed outdoorsy and active. Despite growing up by the ocean most of my life I think I could easily convert to lakeside living! If you’re ever in town you can’t go wrong with stopping in at Badger CrossFit for a wod followed by breakfast at Blue’s Egg.

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