Workout of the Day – Central Bucks CrossFit

Workout of the Day – Central Bucks CrossFit


Last week we encouraged you to get some heavy lifts in with a Back Squat wod courtesy of So this week we thought

we’d change things up a little with a conditioning wod from Central Bucks CrossFit programming.

CrossFit WOD 09/18/2017

Ignore the front squats (or don’t, do them if you like!) This workout starts with a cash-in 1000m row. I can tell you now that you’re not going to win this workout on the rower! You’ll want to set yourself a nice steady pace so that you can really power through the two rounds of power snatches, air squats and toes to bar. I love this workout because it really tests your ability as a well-rounded CrossFit athlete. Firstly it tests your adaptability to move through different metabolic pathways (time domains) fluctuating from the steady-paced longer pieces, the row and the air squats, into the fast-paced, power driven movements, the power snatches and the toes to bar. Secondly it challenges your movement skillset, testing your abilities in weightlifting, bodyweight movements and gymnastics. You might be good at power snatches and air squats but terrible at rowing and gymnastics. This workout is a great conditioning piece that will expose any holes in your fitness so that you know where you need to make improvements!

We are so grateful to Central Bucks CrossFit for hosting us on our summer seminar tour! Judging by the programming and  the sea of fit looking bodies that greeted me when I showed up the other night, there are a very high calibre of athletes at CBCF. Just because you’re an athlete or CrossFitter, does not necessarily mean you have good nutrition habits though. We were pleased to see a large number of members and non-members turn up with open minds to learn more about how they can progress with their health and fitness goals through nutrition.

Just like CrossFit has it’s theoretical hierarchy of fitness, we like to think there’s a theoretical hierarchy to nutrition. We encourage people not to major in the minors, but to focus and be consistent with what is going to fundamentally improve their overall health.

CrossFit’s Theoretical Hierarchy of Fitness

Own Your Eating’s Hierarchy of Nutrition

On the continuum of health, “wellness” or good health, will typically correspond with lean body mass, which is optimal at around 90% for me and 80% for women. This can be achieved by exclusively focusing on your overall caloric and macronutrient intake. Once you’ve mastered this, then you may choose to focus on other things, such as micronutrients, nutrient timing (time of day, how many meals a day, pre and post workout meals etc.), ratio of macronutrients at different meals and supplements. But the extent to which this will greatly improve your performance (or even overall health), is relative to how important your athletic goals are and how much additional stress these extra habits will bring to your life. Here’s a short video of Jason discussing this topic at our seminar at Central Bucks CrossFit.

Whether you’re new to flexible eating or you’re a master of macros, we would encourage you to have your blood work done so that you can use your health markers as another indicator of progress, as well as a way of ensuring that your diet is taking care of your vitamin and mineral needs. Jason and I recently had our blood taken and analyzed by Inside Tracker. The process couldn’t have been easier! A nurse came to our house, drew our blood (which took no time at all) and within 4 days we had the results! We were pretty pleased with the results considering we’ve been on the road for the last 3 months and not doing the best job at eating good quality foods. Amongst other great health markers, our blood work showed that our triglycerides and blood sugar glucose levels were within the optimum range. For those of you who think carbohydrates are bad for you our results say otherwise!

If you’d like to know more about whether your diet is working for you, you can get a 10% discount off any plan with   Inside Tracker by using the code ACKERMAN at checkout. To learn more about our nutrition program and a diet that’s 100% sustainable even whilst living out of a trailer for 3 months then check out our free eBook to flexible eating or check out one of our coaching packages on our site.

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