Essential Nutrition Program Application

As a part of your Membership on one of our Nutrition Programs you will receive the following benefits:

  • Fully integrated mobile-friendly coaching platform
  • Daily habit reminders & tracking for progress
  • Fitbit Integration
  • MyFitnessPal Integration
  • Your own dedicated coach
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Materials & Resources
  • 7-day Meal Plan

Here’s what our Essential Nutrition Program entails:

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Who’s it For?

  • People who are interested in tracking macros and taking a more flexible approach to their nutrition;
  • People who have never tracked before, but want to gain a deeper understanding of their nutrition and where improvements can be made through the habit of tracking;
  • People who are looking to lose weight or improve body composition, but who have struggled to get results in the past;
  • People who have a performance or aesthetic goal in mind;
  • People who are tired of overly restrictive diets;
  • People who need or want weekly feedback from a coach

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What You Get

  • Access to one of our Educational Macro Videos
  • 7-day meal plan template
  • Weekly check-ins with your coach
  • On-boarding phone call with your coach
  • Individualized coaching to help you build healthier & sustainable habits
  • Increased awareness of your body’s food tolerances, its daily caloric needs & what makes it feel energized
  • Guidance on how to improve digestion, food timing, meal planning, overcoming cravings, stress management and sleep hygiene.


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What to Expect

  • You will check-in via our platform once a week and receive comprehensive feedback within 24 hours;
  • Measurements & progress pictures are required every 2 weeks;
  • You will track your food and drink in MyFitnessPal or MyMacros+ which will sync with our platform. This will provide me with the data I need to provide advice about the foods you’re eating & also be able to see whether you are hitting your goals;
  • Check-in questions will ask about your stress, sleep and activity & you will be provided with recommendations where needed on how to improve in these areas;
  • Guidance on how to make your food choices and prep more efficient so you can stress less;
  • Guidance on how to improve the nutrient quality of your foods while still maintain a flexible 80/20 approach to your nutrition;
  • Expect thought-provoking questions designed to help you become your own problem-solver so that you feel empowered throughout the whole process.

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