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The Own Your Eating Seminar tour 

The Own Your Eating Seminar is two hours of fun and education.

Jason and Roz will teach you everything you need to know to get started on your Flexible Eating journey.

Your members will learn:

  • What Flexible Eating truly is.
  • How to calculate their Macros based off our proven formula.
  • How to track their Macros.
  • Our 10 Day Jump Start Program.
  • Tips on how to create a sustainable lifestyle with flexible eating.
  • How to eat out and still hit your numbers.
  • How to incorporate alcohol and much, much more.

Jason and Roz will answer all of your nutrition & fitness related questions in a Q&A. So even if you are an experienced macro tracker you will no doubt leave with more confidence and knowledge.



Rich City Crossfit tour photo

Jason came to our Box with a no frills easy to follow plan for our members. In the short weeks after the nutrition seminar put on by him and Roz almost every member that attended the lecture has come up to me exclaiming their success with the plan. The easiest way I can describe what Jason brings to the table is an easy way to start the habitat of paying attention to what you’re eating. That has been the game changer with my members.

I can’t thank or praise Jason enough for coming to our Box and we would have him back again in a heartbeat.” 

Josh Rasor 

Owner, Rich City CrossFit – Richmond, KY

CF Regeneration Tour Photo

“I’ve had my affiliate for nearly 6 years, and in that time we have never successfully made nutrition “stick” with our community.  We’ve tried leading with little “challenges”, hosted internal seminars, etc, and still it felt like pushing a rope with our members.  Only a small number of our people were buying into the idea that food will play a major factor within the scope of their results.  That is until a handful of our members discovered “flexible eating” and the leadership of Jason and Roz.  I guess it needed to come from someone else this time around.  But they saw some incredible results!  All of them dropped a significant amount of bodyfat and really improved their performance in the gym.  Now, I think we’ve hit critical mass, and It’s easy to lead them in the food arena.  This seminar was fantastic.  The content was simple to apply, and the delivery was clear, concise, and actually pretty fun.  Give it a go!”

Charlie Sims

Owner, CrossFit Regeneration – Louisville, KY


Mousetrap Fitness tour picture

“As a box owner, I am constantly trying to provide my members the best value possible.  This is why I jumped at the opportunity to host Jason and Roz.   It’s no secret that the key to a healthy lifestyle includes both diet and exercise. Flexible dieting is the absolute best way to keep my members on track to reach their goals.   Thanks to the OYE seminar, my members have a clear understanding of what flexible dieting is, how to calculate and track numbers, and everything necessary for them to be successful on their nutrition journey.” 

Joe Vaughn

Owner, CrossFit Mousetrap – Orlando, FL


CrossFit Identity Tour Photo

Our athletes loved Jason and Roz and the Own Your Eating seminar! They gave our clients a realistic, sustainable approach to eating and explained why traditional “dieting” methods typically fail. There is obviously a huge demand for education like Jason and Roz provide…we let our members know less than a week ahead of time and we had over 20 people attend. Looking forward to having them back out in a few months to speak to more of our clients and to follow up with others!

Really enjoyed having you guys at the gym! Looking forward to the next time you make it back to Atlanta. Best of luck and congrats on the upcoming wedding!”

Eric Wright

Owner, CrossFit Identity – Atlanta, GA


“CrossFit Tried and True had the pleasure of having Jason Ackerman come and give his seminar on how to Own Your Eating. This simple straight forward lecture taught us how to get our nutrition under control and still enjoy life. Not only that we were all laughing the entire time. We couldn’t be more grateful for his insight on this simple process!”

Ron White

Owner, CrossFit Tried and True – Muncy, PA


Crossfit MDI tour photo

“This weekend we hosted an amazing own your eating seminar in Orlando Florida at The Adult Disney aka Gods Box aka The Preserving the Sexy Palace aka Animal Kingdom aka Gods Box for our community of men & woman who have decided that easy will not suffice anymore & that health & happiness is a major priority in their life. 

Roz & Jason are true fitness professionals who truly care about helping educate the world! They taught us that’s its ok to eat, it’s ok to live a life where we enjoy food & help Reverse all those food taboos that we thought where bad!

They taught our community about how simple tracking & calculating are numbers for our own body can be. They educated us on how to set up specific measurable realistic & Timely goals on this new food lifestyle.

The biggest blessing was for my community is that we are now part of the tribe of own your eating peeps & we can lean on each other to help support & maintain our long life attainable health goals through flexible eating.

I highly recommend this seminar to all box owners, gym owners or health club to help educate & change the lives of our community the correct way.

Roz & Jason are knowledgeable, passionate & filled with love & that is who we need leading & inspiring us to be better humans & to own our eating.”

Luis A. Lopez III

Owner, CrossFit M.D.I. – Orlando, FL


CrossFit Paradise Tour photo

“Jason has done two seminars at CrossFit Paradise and both times they were inspiring, educational, jam packed.

Our members loved learning from Jason because he was able to simplify what I was complicating in my explanation.

Jason has been around CrossFit and fitness for such a long time that he has trained and helped countless people with different styles of nutrition.  Therefore, it was seemingly easy for him to express the effectiveness of flexible dieting and actually knew what he was talking about.

In our world there are so many varying opinions on what works and doesn’t.  Jason has done paleo, zone and whole 30, unlike so many others he truly has the experience and knowledge, it was clear to our attendees that he wasn’t just spitting useless information.

Flexible dieting is becoming a household method of sustainable dieting or a lifestyle.  Jason is who helped me seal the deal, because I was always on the fence and had dabbled in it, but seeing his passion, his results and his real-life approach it sold me and my members couldn’t be happier.”

Miguel Cardia

Owner, CrossFit Paradise – Union, NJ 


“Jason first showed myself and Nikole Sanchez the way to the promised land, all the macro do’s and dont’s along with the promises of donuts and Oreos!

After dealing with and trying to answer dozens of daily questions, posts and texts from frustrated athletes that also just wanted to see their effort in the gym come to fruition.  Along with Nikole, we decided the only way to get such a large group of athletes taken care of in one swoop was to have the master himself come visit.  

We begged, pleaded and ultimately bribed Jason with great pizza to come speak at our box.

We offered the seminar to the masses and over 50+ coaches, athletes, moms, dads, professionals, you name it, they showed up at our doorstep.  All looking to better understand how they could eat foods they love but still look better naked.  

Jason assisted in the comprehensive explanation of why and what own your eating was. He explained how to achieve your number break down for proper macros and answered what seemed like millions of questions.  Our members left with a full understanding and even excitement in tracking their numbers. 

The proof is in the pudding and Jason brought tons of it!”

Anthony Sanchez 

Owner, Drachen CrossFit – Williamsburg, VA


“We have had the pleasure of hosting Jason Ackerman twice at CrossFit 7 Mile.  Jason did a great job helping our members understand the principles behind flexible nutrition but was also able to give our coaches the tools to work with our members on their macros after he was gone.  Another great thing about having Jason present his material is that he is very accessible and happy to help even after the seminars are over.  We have had a great response both times that we hosted Jason and would recommend it to other owners looking to bring in outside experts to talk at their gym.”

Carl Brenton

Owner, CrossFit 7 Mile – Grand Cayman, The Cayman Islands


CrossFit Sphinx tour photo

“Jason’s simple and straight forward approach is extremely beneficial to members at my CrossFit box. Most members do not know much about nutrition or what they think they know is often wrong. Members enjoy learning real stuff that works proven by results of others. Bringing in an outside expert as knowledgeable

Conrad Long

Owner, Spinx CrossFit – Fort Myers, FL


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