5 High Intensity At-Home Workouts

5 High Intensity At-Home Workouts

Whether you’re having a busy week at home or traveling with work, sometimes finding the time to get yourself to the gym just isn’t an option. But that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in a quick workout at home! That’s the beauty of high intensity workouts. They’re quick and can easily be performed with little to no equipment. Check out our ideas for at-home workouts that take no time at all and will be sure to get your heart rate going!

Workout 1

4 rounds for time:

  • Run 400m
  • 24 jumping lunges (12 each leg)
  • 12 renegade rows (6 each arm)

Scaling and Modifications

If you’re unsure how far 400m is, run for 2 minutes. If you have access to a rower or bike then you can either row for 500m or bike for 2 minutes.

Jumping lunges can be substituted for kettle bell swings if you have a kettlebell.

Renegade rows can be performed with or without weights.

Workout 2

EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 16 minutes

  • Minute 1: 20 push ups
  • Minute 2: 20 sit ups
  • Minute 3: 20 no push up burpees
  • Minute 4: 20 air squats

Move as fast as possible through the movements to complete each set of 20 reps in 40 seconds or under.


Scaling and Modifications

If you need to scale the push-ups to perform them strict, take the reps down to 15. If you don’t have strict push-ups, try to do them with your hands on an elevated surface instead of from your knees.

Workout 3

10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible in the timeframe)

  • 10 lateral burpees (jumping sideways over a small object or a line)
  • 15 air squats
  • 20 double-unders (50 singles)


Scaling & Modifications

If burpees are a challenge, just move slowly and step your feet back. You can bring the number of reps down from 10 to something more manageable. Check out our video here for scaling your burpees.

Feel free to add weight to the air squat and make it a dumbbell front squat.

Workout 4

7 minute AMRAP:

Scaling and Modifications

You can come down on to your knees for scaling the hand release push-ups.

To make the hollow rocks less challenging, bring your arms down by your sides. Try also taking a slight bend in your knee, bringing the knees closer in line over the hips will also make the movement less challenging. If you don’t quite have the rocking motion down, simply perform a hold.

Workout 5

For time:

  • 100 burpees

Every time you break, perform 20 air squats.

Be honest here! Pausing on the floor at the bottom or pausing at the top before starting your next burpee is considered a break!


Scaling and Modifications

If you’re unable to perform burpees you can substitute this movement for double unders – a great way to get some double under practice in! I woud increase the number of reps to 150-200 depending on your double under ability.

If you’re a member of our Lifestyle group, don’t forget that we provide you with daily workout inspiration in our track on SugarWod! You can also find more at-home and bodyweight workouts in our Beach Body Ready Guide. Intensity is the driving force behind health improvements and body composition change. Whatever workout program you’re following, set yourself a timer or work in a specified timeframe so that you can work at a high intensity.  


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