6 Active Date Ideas

6 Active Date Ideas

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I get A LOT of enjoyment from trying new foods and cuisines. But sometimes it seems like people have nothing better to do than going out to eat! Whether you’re going on a date or just hanging out with your friends, collaborating in something active together has been shown to make a much more lasting impression.  Some of you may dread the idea of breaking a sweat on a date, but research shows that working out with a partner not only helps to boost your mood, it strengthens your bond.

If you’re looking for someone who truly shares your values and interests, being active together is a great way to assess whether you have a real connection. For long-term couples, it can simply help to reinforce your bond & reignite your love for those common interests. Read on for 6 active date ideas that will deepen your connection, whilst getting those endorphins flowing and blood pumping.

1. Hiking

Sometimes sitting across a table from someone can be a little daunting, almost like you’re being interviewed! Knock down some boundaries & let nature inspire your conversation by taking your date outdoors. Studies have shown that being in nature greatly alleviates stress and stimulates your senses. Dutch researchers found that nature helps lower the incidence of 15 diseases such as depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, asthma & migraines.

Jason and I have some of our best conversations while we’re out hiking – probably because we can’t get away from each other! ? Here we are at the top of Koko Crater Trail on Oahu having climbed 1,048 railroad ties!

2. Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Can you think of anything more romantic and calming than a sunset paddleboard session? You’ll be so wrapped up in the natural beauty of your environment that you’ll barely notice the awesome core and leg workout you’re getting. SUP is a great low-impact, full body workout requiring core stability & shoulder & arm strength.  The importance of balance as a component in your total fitness should not be underestimated. Whatever your sport, balance is at the core of efficient & functional movement. Balance can help to improve your overall performance & minimize your risk of injury.

We had so much fun playing around on the paddle boards on our first ever Valentine’s Day together 🙂 Jason is surprisingly bad at it! Luckily he was wearing a cheap pair of sunglasses!

The beauty of losing your balance on a paddle board is that your landing is cushioned by the water. So why not have some fun! Challenge your stability & your date by making a bet to see who falls in first. Loser buys dessert!

3. Yoga

Maybe you prefer something a little more restorative or perhaps you’re not much of a talker? Convince your date to join you for a yoga class. Regardless of style, Bikram, Vinyasa, Acro or Nidra, I’m yet to meet someone who regrets going to a yoga class! Reconnecting your body with your breath is incredibly therapeutic. Not only will you feel more in tune with your body, but energetically you’ll feel more connected with those around you. The class will also give you something to talk about whilst you grab a juice after!

Many respected athletes in various sporting domains practice yoga these days. Novak DjokovicRyan Giggs & Rob Gronkowski have all spent significant hours on the mat. Aside from the more obvious benefits of flexibility and improved range of motion, the simple focus of concentrating on your breath and being able to tune out the distractions of the monkey mind can make a huge difference to an athlete’s performance.

4. Biking

If biking is your sport, why not opt for a fun alternative that will bring you and your date closer together. Rent a tandem bike and go on a scenic cycle ride along the beach boulevard or around the park. Jason and I had a ton of fun cycling around in St Augustine, even if we were against the wind on the way home!

Cycling works the large muscle groups of your legs so you’ll be burning through some calories and working up an appetite even if you ride at a moderate pace. Pack a picnic and enjoy some time to talk whilst you refuel.

5. Dancing

Jason and Roz dancing

Jason and I invested in a few dancing lessons in preparation for our wedding day. For a very active & musical couple, we are surprisingly horrible at dancing! Consequently, there was a lot of laughing involved, mostly at each other! Aside from trying to save ourselves from total embarrassment, there’s no performance objective involved which is why I loved it so much. Don’t take that to mean it’s a walk in the park though! All that jumping around and focus & concentration is exhausting! You’ll certainly work up an appetite for one or two donuts.

6. Rock Climbing

There are some huge fitness perks to climbing. Your core and upper body strength will be challenged as well as your coordination, agility & cardiovascular endurance. A one-hour climbing session can burn over 700 calories alone! Aside from working your body, climbing has been said to boost your brain function because it requires a “problem-solving” approach as the way to the top is often not as direct as you might assume. Because it requires so much concentration, climbers often enter a state of flow, which is a mindset that creates euphoria and can even block pain, according to Indiana University.

Whether you reach the top of the wall or not, you’ll likely both leave feeling hugely empowered as you overcome your fears and alter your perspective on life’s other challenges. So get outdoors and get active!

How many dates have you been on where you’ve learned a valuable life-skill? What fun activities do you do with your friends or partner? Share your ideas with us below!






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