Amazing Progress – 6 Week Transformation with Liz P

Amazing Progress – 6 Week Transformation with Liz P

Liz has been making amazing progress on our Lifestyle Premium program that even though she’s only 6 weeks in, we just had to give her a shout out! Liz wasn’t new to tracking but in all her time doing macros she had never gotten her body to where she wanted it to be. That’s when Liz found us! What’s lead to her having such amazing progress? What’s her story? Read on to find out more!

When did you start Flexible Eating & how did you get started?

I started April 19, 2018 with the Lifestyle Premium package.


What prompted you to get started? 

I have been tracking my macros for about 3 years and have never had sustained progress with fat loss. I just wanted to be more comfortable with my body, and no one seemed to be able to successfully guide me in the right direction. One weekend when I was driving to Chicago I listened to Jason’s interview on the CrossFit podcast. I really liked the way he spoke about his experiences, and the success that his clients have had, and it prompted me to check out their website. I read the testimonials and liked that there were a lot of fit people like me who were able to achieve awesome results. Jason and Roz seem down to earth and logical in their approach. Mostly I liked that the premium package came with a monthly phone call. I thought that was pretty neat.


How much weight have you lost? 

On average as of week 6, I’ve lost 8.6 lbs.

Liz Persitz amazing progress


What other changes have you noticed in your body or in general? 

I feel firmer, smaller, fit into clothes that I didn’t fit into before, fit better in clothes that I may have been squeezing into previously. I also am less gassy and bloated. Measurements like waist and hips have not changed much , but I’ve lost about 5% body fat and gained 2.5% muscle. I feel equally fit and strong. Workouts feel great. I also am less distracted by food in general. I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full (I actually experience fullness).

What has been your biggest obstacle that you have overcome or are working on? 

Not eating like an asshole at special events/family gatherings. I have gotten much better at portion control in those situations since the beginning of this process.


What’s the one thing you previously would have deprived yourself of on a diet that you now get to enjoy guilt-free? 

I never deprived myself, but nothing I ate was “guilt free”. It was no way to live. I enjoy everything I eat now, with confidence and without guilt.


What’s one piece of advice you would give someone that is just getting started? 

TRUST THESE PEOPLE. Your success is their success. Just let go of the reins. With that said, you must actually do the work and at the end of the day, you’re accountable for your progress (or lack thereof). If you’re tempted to go off  track, think of your why. If its really important to you, it will be enough. Lastly, I’ll repeat what Jason told me which has been extremely meaningful and significant to me throughout this process: “If you do this, it WILL happen. If it doesn’t happen, you’re either not doing it, not doing it right, or your macros are wrong, and thats what we’re here for.” 

Thank you guys so much for everything. I just never thought I was capable of this, and it feels real and sustainable. I’m happy, satisfied and proud of myself!

Liz P. amazing progress

Just like Jason said, there are usually 3 reasons why people are not making progress or having success with their macros:

  1. You’re not actually doing it – be honest with yourself, are you?!
  2. You’re not doing it right;
  3. Your numbers are wrong.

If you know you’re “doing it” then points 2. or 3. could be what’s holding you back. Check out our programs here and you could be enjoying amazing progress just like Liz.






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