Bridget Cardillo – May Lifestyle Member of the Month

Bridget Cardillo – May Lifestyle Member of the Month

Looking for a nutrition plan that drives results by focusing on habits? Every month we choose one client out of hundreds who deserves some special recognition for their outstanding commitment and effort demonstrated in following our program. We are beyond excited to announce that our Lifestyle Member of the Month for May 2019 is Bridget Cardillo! Bridget recently celebrated her 29th birthday and was surprised by a birthday cake of bagels at her office! In the past, this might have thrown Bridget off the rails, but she was able to enjoy her leaning tower of bagels and the rest of her birthday celebrations. 😋 Find out more about why following the Own Your Eating program has been the most successful nutrition plan for Bridget, self-confessed pizza 🍕 lover! – and why she’s still doing it more than one year later!


Lifestyle Member of the Month Inside Scoop

How long have you been working with Own Your Eating?  

I started flexible eating back in November of 2017. I was just doing it on my own following the video instructions from Jason and Roz. In April 2018, I wanted to take it up a notch and decided to join their program as a Lifestyle Member! 


[click_to_tweet tweet=”My body composition wasn’t changing and I did not have a healthy relationship with food – I was so restrictive so that when I would ‘mess up’ I would feel like such a failure and self-sabotage by eating more. I was so over it. ” quote=”My body composition wasn’t changing and I did not have a healthy relationship with food – I was so restrictive so that when I would ‘mess up’ I would feel like such a failure and self-sabotage by eating more. I was so over it. ” theme=”style3″]

What made you decide to give flexible eating a try? 

After graduating college and moving out on my own, making good decisions was a struggle – especially as a young social, twenty something year-old (hello, alcohol!). Sitting at a desk all day was also a killer! I would regularly go in and out of spells of counting calories or trying fad diets – Fast Metabolism Diet, Paleo-ish, Weight Watchers – and while I was working out, I was mostly only doing cardio. All of which wasn’t doing much for me! Even if the scale went down some, it would creep back up. My body composition wasn’t changing and I did not have a healthy relationship with food – I was so restrictive so that when I would “mess up” I would feel like such a failure and self-sabotage by eating more. I was so over it. I decided to give flexible eating a try after hearing about it from my sister (and fellow Lifestyle Member)! She was a dietetics major in college and I’ve always looked to her for nutrition knowledge in the past. When she told me about this and told me about her results, I knew I had to try it! 

Bridget and family


What was the hardest part when you started out and how did you overcome that?

The hardest part for me was navigating the weekends. I have a very active social life (weddings, bachelorettes, etc.) so that was definitely an adjustment. But working with Roz, she’s given me so many tools to carry me through the weekends and now I feel like I have control. By no means am I perfect, and even if I go over, I no longer feel like I’ve gone completely off the rails.

What success have you had to date?  

Since I started this program on my own, I’ve lost 13 pounds, 3 inches in my waist and 3 inches in my hips! My face is so much slimmer, I can see my jawline and cheekbones again! I feel confident and so much better. The best part is when I see old pictures of myself and compare them to now – the changes between the two are crazy. Also, this seems silly, but now I can confidently wear white jeans which I’m just so pumped about and never would have tried to do a year and a half ago. 

Bridget Cardillo progress picture 

What is one thing you’re most proud of? 

I’m really proud of how much I’ve pushed myself to try new physical activities. Before this program, I was pretty much only doing cardio. But with Roz’s encouragement, I implemented a lot more weight training into my routine and that’s completely changed my body. And last month, I ran my first 5K since high school! 

What, in your opinion, has kept you consistent all this time?  

Tracking, tracking, tracking! Even if I know I’m going to go over or it’s really difficult to calculate, I always try to track what I’ve consumed. With this program, I’ve found it so much easier to get back on the horse the next day – both of those things have helped me immensely. 

What do you do for fitness?  

I love to mix it up! I go to Orange Theory which is an incredible mix of high intensity workouts, cardio and weights. I’m also a member of Class Pass and like to attend spin classes and cross fit-ish type classes so I can continue to build up my strength. And recently I’ve started to run again!  

What is your favorite food and why?  

PIZZA. Cheesy and carb-y goodness. I’m Italian so it’s essentially my birthright to love pizza. 

What has been your biggest surprise about working with Own Your Eating?  

Honestly, the biggest surprise about OYE is that I’ve stuck with it. I think it’s been a combination of a lot of things: believing in the program, working hard, seeing my results and implementing lifestyle changes. But given my past history with ‘dieting’ I was nervous this was going to fall by the wayside, but it didn’t. Reverse dieting ROCKS! 

Would you recommend Own Your Eating to others and if so, why?  

I would definitely recommend it and have told so many of my friends about it. Not only do I look and feel different, but this nutrition plan is 100% a sustainable lifestyle. 


If you’re looking for a nutrition plan that is 100% sustainable, connects you with a community of others sharing in the same experience and rewards the effort you put in, then look no further! Our amazing and experienced team of coaches are ready to help you get started. We give you the individual support you need because our coaches are real people with real life experience and knowledge. With our plan you don’t have to work out in order to lose weight! Say what?! There’s no strict requirement about the number of daily meals or specific times of the day to eat and we won’t make you eat anything you don’t like. So long broccoli!!! 😆

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