Performance matters! Here’s why you should keep track

Performance matters! Here’s why you should keep track

Chase performance and your results will follow. Earlier this week we talked about taking a selfie and using progress pictures as a measure of your progress. Another metric you should be tracking regularly is your performance. Why? Because if you’re getting fitter, stronger, faster and increasing your work capacity, then it’s highly likely that you’re making profound changes to your body’s physiology and composition.

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The scale won’t stay stuck forever and don’t worry ladies, you are NOT going to get bulky.   

You can only put on so much muscle, especially women. The chances of you putting on so much muscle that you look bulky is an unnecessary fear. Look no further than Roz who works out regularly, lifts weight (deadlifts, bench press, squats & olympic barbell movements) and performs whatever else is programmed at North Naples CrossFit and she is far from bulky.

If you’re new to flexible eating and eating the quantity of protein you are now, then it’s normal to see the scale hover for a little bit as your body starts to build muscle, when it wasn’t able to before. Similarly, if you’ve added a strength-based program to your workout routine, then you may find that the scale stops going down as you to start to build more muscle. That doesn’t mean you’re not losing fat at the same time. Muscle gain will not “outweigh” your fat loss forever though. Usually after a few weeks we should see the scale moving down again if you still have body fat to lose.   

CrossFit doesn't make you bulky


If your clothes are fitting better and you are seeing a difference in the mirror, this is a sign that you are changing your body composition and very soon the scale will move too! 

If you’re not already, check out our weekly workouts and make sure you are logged into the Sugarwod app. We use this app so you can track your workouts and see increases in your performance over time.

You can see a list of equipment we recommend here. We make all of our workouts suitable for all fitness levels. 

Have you experienced what we describe above? i.e. the scale isn’t moving but your clothes are fitting better and you’re performance is through the roof? Comment below and tell us about it! How long was it before you started seeing the scale moving again? 



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