CrossFit Competitor’s Course with Austin Malleolo

CrossFit Competitor’s Course with Austin Malleolo

I signed up for the CrossFit Competitor’s Course lead by Austin Malleolo, with the expectation and hopes of getting a deeper understanding of nutrition for the competitive athlete. Clients are always asking questions about timing and supplements and I have my opinions based on theory and my own practice, but I am always in search of the best answer. When I found out that Austin Malleolo, individual and Team CrossFit Games competitor, was offering this course,  I was eager to hear about his professional experience with nutrition, in preparation for and during competition.

The competitor’s course helped to reinforce a lot of what I already knew, but Austin also addressed so many other aspects of competition and CrossFit that really resonated with me. This course by far exceeded my expectations and I know will benefit me as a competitor as well as my clients! So I thought I’d take the time now to share some really awesome tips with you all and solidify what I learnt by putting it down on “paper”.


First, a run-down of what this two-day course covered in case you’re thinking about signing up;

  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Learning how to program;
  • Setting goals;
  • Developing a strong mindset;
  • Proper recovery;
  • Nutrition;
  • Gymnastic and weightlifting skill sessions.

For a sneak peak overview of what this course entails check out this short video from CrossFit Media.


I could talk in great lengths about everything I learnt and took away from this weekend but I don’t want to spoil the experience for those of you who are going to attend – not that my regurgitation of everything covered could possibly do the experience of listening to Austin Malleolo any justice! There were a few things however, that I found extremely insightful and incredibly relevant to our everyday lives.


Take away #1: Do What Feels Good

Simple, yet so easily forgotten and yet, so pivotal in your overall performance and well-being. Thank you Austin for the reminder! OK, I know you might not think that doing Fran or a 5k row feels all that good, or maybe you’re thinking that eating pizza feels good, should I do more of that?! But that is not how I took it and nor was it the true intent of this statement. This was a statement made during our goals and mindset lecture. What Austin was trying to remind us of, was that if our goal is the right goal, then it should feel good working towards it. Right? For example, if your goal is to lose 10 lbs. in 3 months, you’re probably going to feel really good when you make it into the gym 5 times a week and make good quality food choices. Just like if you’re a competitor, then maybe keeping your macros dialed in, staying away from processed foods and training for 3 hours a day will most likely give you an overall sense of purpose and fulfillment.

If something makes you feel good and positively influences the outcomes of you fulfilling your goals, then keep doing it. When it doesn’t feel good, for example if it’s causing you sleepless nights or your hair to fall out, then you need to evaluate your goals. When something feels good it’s usually fun. If you lose the fun in life then you’ve lost a sense of reality and what’s truly important in this world. Never lose the fun!

Coach Mags competing at Thunderdome

Take away #2: Separate your Goals and Expectations

Having a goal of going to the CrossFit Games is different than having expectations of going. Have zero expectations. They say that happiness is reality less expectations. You might never make it to the Games so you better love doing what you are doing.

Take away #3: Never Fear Failure

It is how we grow and learn. If we never fail at anything then we wouldn’t know what it is we need to work on to get better and we stifle our progress. For example, if you never try to back squat more than 200 lbs. for fear of bailing, then you will never get stronger. Plain and simple. Just like if you never try having breakfast because you fear that it might lead to overeating, then you’ll never know what it’s like to go about your day fully fueled and feeling energized. You might just surprise yourself and find that having breakfast actually has quite the opposite effect and helps to satiate your hunger and cravings.

Coach Mags at Thunderdome

Take away #4: Rules for Nutrition

Quality and quantity. As a competitor it is 100% mandatory to track and weigh quality foods. That is because a competitor has a very driven GOAL. Also a competitor is almost never concerned with how or what they look like, they care mostly about their performance.  For the majority of us, we exercise and diet for a reason. What is that? If it is to be “shredded” like the competitors then you are also going to have to focus on quality and quantity. Don’t think  for a second that they simply look that way because they put in hours of training. A competitor is 100% focused on keeping their nutrition dialed in so that they can put in those hours of training, that’s why their bodies look so incredible. There’s A LOT of hard work going on behind the scenes.


If you’re thinking about competing, whether it be in a local competition or your goals extend beyond that, the Own Your Eating Team can help you get on the right track with your nutrition. Whatever event you’re planning to participate in, know that taking care of your nutrition the day of or even a few days before-hand is NOT going to get you the results you’re most likely hoping for. I have so much more to share with you all but I hope this article gets you off to the right start. Please feel free to reach out to me directly on if you have more questions about your journey to becoming a competitive athlete. Whether it be for CrossFit or a more endurance related event, I have a wealth of experience in both areas and a passion to help aspiring athletes reach their full potential! Check out my bio on the OYE site.


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