Jason Ackerman on Ditching Yo-Yo Dieting [Podcast]

Jason Ackerman on Ditching Yo-Yo Dieting [Podcast]

How to Adopt a Flexible Eating Lifestyle that Works

Jason was recently interviewed by Kate Jaramillo on the “Straight Up Wellness” Podcast.

Jason Ackerman is the co-founder of Own Your Eating, a nutrition coaching practice focused on flexible eating principals.

Jason is currently a CrossFit Master trainer and is a part of the CrossFit HQ seminar staff. He has a Masters Degree in Psychology, not to mention over 25 years coaching experience in the health & fitness industry. Jason is the author of “Own Your Eating – the Definitive Guide to Flexible Eating”, and co-hosts the “Own Your Eating” podcast with his wife Roz.

Together, Jazon and Roz believe that flexible eating can change the lives of countless people, helping to combat the biggest health concerns we face today, metabolic diseases like obesity and diabetes.

In this episode, Jason Ackerman talks about:

  • What is Flexible Eating?
  • The 80/20 approach to nutrition
  • Tracking macros
  • Supplements
  • The 4 Pillars of Health
  • Disconnecting emotion from eating


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