Jerry’s Transformation – From rehab to the gym. How Jerry lost over 100lbs.

Jerry’s Transformation – From rehab to the gym. How Jerry lost over 100lbs.

Jerry’s transformation is particularly special to me because we have known each other for over 20 years now. We met freshmen year of college playing Rugby together and then pledged the same fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon. We were great friends sharing a bond over partying hard, watching wrestling, and hitting the weight room. For me, the partying ended upon graduation in 2000, but for Jerry it kept going. Ultimately in 2017 he checked into rehab (not his first time) for the last time. When I saw him at our seminar he could barely walk up a flight of stairs. Recently he trained for and finished a 5k run! This is Jerry’s story of how he lost 100 lbs. with Own Your Eating.

When did you start Flexible Eating & how did you get started?

I got started on September 11, 2017 when I was invited to the Own Your Eating  Flexible Eating seminar at a CrossFit South Brooklyn.

What prompted you to get started?

I decided with the encouragement of some friends to change my life. I went to rehab and was told I did not have any major health issues, but they were right around the corner if I did not lose weight and take my life and well being more seriously.

How much weight have you lost?

I went to rehab and started at 442 lbs on August 4th. I was 422 when I started Own Your Eating on 9/11 and as of May 15th, 2018 I weigh 310.2 lbs. I have lost 111.2 lbs total.

What other changes have you noticed in your body or in general?

I am much more confident at work selling more. I have more energy and stamina.  Fitness wise I can bench more. I started benching at 125 lbs and can now bench 255 lbs. My running mile time went from 15:32 to 11:48. My clothes went from a 5XL to a 3XL, and my suit size from a 62 chest and 52 waist to a 54 chest and a 46 waist . Personally my sex life has improved in terms of variety of positions, stamina and overall drive. My focus and ability to deal with situations has improved and my appreciation of hard work and rest have both increased. Financially I am also getting healthier because OYE is about making decisions in term of macros and it helps me budget and be more effective with my resources.

What has been your biggest obstacle that you have overcome or are working on?

Hitting my macros with healthier foods not just getting to the number but doing it more efficiently and I am still afraid of pasta. I also do not know how to make recipes on the my fitness pal and add every ingredient individually.

What’s the one thing you previously would have deprived yourself of on a diet that you now get to enjoy guilt-free?

The variety of foods and even processed foods or fast foods. As long as I add them in the app and account for them, it can work.

What’s one piece of advice you would give someone that is just getting started?

Nothing is easy but it gets easier. You face 100 percent of the consequences….you track and follow and are true about it, and you get the results for you. You do the opposite and you will also get the results. This is easier than denying yourself carbs or eating a mystery soup or elixir. You can try this if you commit to it and to yourself. You will get frustrated, then one day you will look back and say, “wow, I covered a lot of ground.”

Jerry's transformation

Congrats Jerry on your amazing transformation to date! We are so proud of you for overcoming your demons and for continuing on this journey no matter how many times you stumble. This is a true transformation of body and mind!


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