Keirstein Patt – Reverse Dieting Progress

Keirstein Patt – Reverse Dieting Progress

Keirstein has been working hard focusing on recovery due to a shoulder injury. During this time she’s been scaling workouts, making modifications to her workout volume and of course focusing on her nutrition! You might find it surprising to learn that despite taking a step back on the activity front, Keirstein’s actually been able to increase her macros! Read on to find out about her recent reverse dieting progress.

Keirstein Patt on her Reverse Dieting Progress

1. How long have you been tracking?

I started tracking on and off in June of 2016 and have been consistent ever since then!


2. How long was it before you started reverse dieting?

I feel like for me it took me longer than how fast I see other people reverse dieting. I finally started adding more food in July 2018, so I was about 5 months in of really consistent tracking.


3. What signs did you notice that indicated you needed to eat more?

I started noticing that I was feeling hungry shortly after each meal. It was as if I could eat a whole other meal which I knew if I did then I would be hitting my numbers faster and be left with nothing for dinner. Sometimes throughout the day I would be fine, but then I would get through my dinner and would still be super hungry even after dinner. It didn’t mess with my energy too much but I would have some off days. My body definitely loves fat and carbs and having more of these now makes the world of difference to my energy levels.


4. What changes have you noticed since increasing your macros? 

I think overall energy and finally feeling full or satisfied after each meal were the two most immediate changes I noticed when I increased my numbers. Every time I do a little increase I also notice feeling a little bloated at first, so sometimes that can have a little bit of a negative effect on how I feel about the process! But usually after a week my body adjusts and over time I have seen my body continue to lean out. So I’ve had to learn to be patient and and really overcome my resistance to the idea of eating more and put my trust in this being a process and not a magical overnight transformation! I’ve also noticed  feeling much stronger in my workouts, and overall I feel so much more confident in my body!

Keirstein on the left before tracking, on the right before starting reverse dieting


5. What other changes have you implemented to improve results?

Well, since tracking, I’d say my overall awareness has developed immensely. I listen to my body a whole lot more than I used to. I’ve realized that over time the only thing that I can control is my effort and my consistency. Some days in my workouts my body just doesn’t want to do crazy volume or maybe something is bothering me that day and that’s ok, I do what I can and go off how my body and energy feels that day in that moment. However I do still make sure I am getting into the gym 3-4 x a week and make sure I leave knowing I put in the effort I had in that time I was there. I focus on getting 8-9 hours of sleep a night and making sure I’m properly fueling my body by keeping it hydrated and consuming good quality foods as often as possible while still enjoying date nights and going out with friends.


6. Any recommendations for those looking to gain strength without body fat?

My recommendation is to get very clear about what your goal is and what you need to do to get there. No matter what it is you’re here to do, there is no quick fix. It is incredibly rare that you’ll see the results you’re looking for in just a few days or a few weeks. I mean sure, will you see some results right off the bat? Probably. But you’re end goal is a process. It’s a journey and it TAKES TIME.

When I went to Jason and told him I wanted to gain muscle, be lean and strong, he told me it would probably take me about a year to gain 9lbs of muscle. It sounded like such a long time to me but with the effort I’ve been putting in, the quality food choices I make, the quantity I consume given by my coach for the amount he knows I need, I know I will get there. And I actually love the changes my body is making and seeing that gradual progress over time. Sometimes I actually forget how long it’ll take me to get to my end goal because I’m just staying focused on one week at a time, knowing that this journey isn’t like a game of Monopoly. There’s no “head straight to GO, collect $200 and 9 lbs. of muscle” card in life! ?

I create mini goals and get excited about hitting them and then figure out something else I want that takes even longer! Do whatever you can to stay focused and motivated because you’re in this for the long haul. If you’re not working with a coach then change that. We ALL need coaches, mentors, people who can hold us accountable and call us out on our shit. Make sure you are getting in 7-9 hours of sleep, stick to your macros and be as diligent about recovery as you are about hitting the gym! Above else, trust your coach, trust the process, and be consistent!

Keir reverse dieting

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