Lifestyle – A Day in the Life of Coach Jflo

Lifestyle – A Day in the Life of Coach Jflo

There’s a common misconception out there that in order to look your best, you need to spend hours in the gym and eat nothing but broccoli and grilled chicken. Well indulge us in shattering that belief for you with this journal insight into the life of one of our nutrition coaches, J-flo. J-flo’s account of just a regular day as a mom of 3, demonstrates that you can look and feel your best simply by eating the right amount of food for your body. That includes eating things like enchiladas and pasta! ?

A day in the life of Coach J-Flo

6:00am: wake up to let dogs out & start coffee

6:15am: daily morning weigh in. I’m still losing the baby weight, so hoping for a lower number on the scale…up 0.1 lb from yesterday, ok I’ll take that!

Weighing in - the scale

6:30: coffee and a little study time before kids wake up. Why am I awake when it’s still dark out and the kids aren’t even up yet??? On the other hand, it’s a very rare occasion that I get even a few minutes of peace and quiet, so having fresh hot coffee in my hand with no one to interrupt is a real treat!

6:45am: Kid 1 wakes up. Make pancakes for him. Resist the extremely tempting urge to eat all his leftovers because I didn’t weigh any of it. Help him get dressed. *Confession: I did eat one bite, and I didn’t track it! 


7:00am: Kid 2 wakes up. Break up a fight & attempt to negotiate terms with two terrorists. ? Make kid 2 breakfast.

7:15am: Babō wakes up. Change her diaper, get her dressed, feed her.

7:45am: Get socks, shoes, & jackets on kids, and backpacks ready

8:05am: Leave the house…drop off kid 1, kid 2, stop at pet smart for more dog food. Get home at 9am.

9:00-9:15am: Meal prep for Roscoe & make pups their breakfast. I have two dogs, one of which has some pretty serious intestinal health issues, so he gets homemade meals every day…lucky dog!

9:15-9:45am: Attempt to make a dent in the mountain of dishes (success)!

9:45am: Reheat coffee and sit down to birthday invitations for kid 1’s 4th birthday party. ?

10:00am: Babō wakes up. Feed her again

10:10am: Back to invitations.

10:11am: Just kidding. More food for babō. #milkmachine

10:30am: Realize I’m STARVING. Brunch time ? Leftover enchiladas (homemade) & the dangerous art of multitasking ? PRIORITY: don’t get food on the invitations!! While every day varies to some degree (I don’t write invitations every day, and I don’t do the dishes every day *gasp*), it’s pretty standard for me to eat my first meal between 10 and noon. It’s not intentional, but I consider it accidental/forced intermittent fasting, and it works for me so I don’t worry too much about not getting a meal in first thing in the morning. Also, I tend to prefer non-breakfast items for breakfast because I think there is a limit on how many egg whites a person can eat in their lifetime and I like to get a decent amount of protein in my first meal so I don’t end up with 100g of protein at 8pm! Ground beef and rice taco bowl, chicken and pasta, or a deli sandwich on everything bagel all make a great breakfast!

11:15am: re-reheat coffee. Realize kid 2 has early release today ??‍♀️ coffee will have to wait

11:30am: Make kid 2 lunch and feed babō again. She needs love so nothing accomplished for the next hour.

12:30pm: Start some laundry and unload dishwasher.

1:00-2:20pm: Attempt to decorate for Halloween/fall. Moderately successful. Also laundry and negotiating with kid 2 to help me clean up some toys that are in my way. Not quite so successful.

2:20pm: Hungry hungry babō wants to eat again!

2:50pm: Load up to pick up kid 1 from school.

3:15: Unload. Get everyone snacks and have some lunch #costcoFTW while holding babō because she’s very needy. What on earth did mom’s do before microwaves?! Spill snacks on the floor and try to keep dogs out while I clean it up (still with one hand).

3:45: Surprise! Babō wants to eat again!

4:30: Finally finished the chapter (2 minutes at a time, in between breaking up fights and trying to raise decent human beings and feeding/loving/calming babō).

4:45pm: Snack time (apple, rice cake & pbfit) and study time.

5:00pm: FaceTime with dadō and making kids dinner (#AlwaysBeMultitasking)

5:30-7:30pm: Various housekeeping items (change/fold laundry, clean up after dinner, make dogs dinner, feed babō, kids bedtime snack, put kids in bed, etc).

7:30pm Dinner (steak rice & broccoli w sriracha). This is one of my go-to meals because it’s so easy to change any macro to fit your numbers. Don’t feel like steak? Try chicken, or pork chops, or ground beef, or fish. Need more fat? Add butter to the veg and/or carb. Tired of rice? Go for baked potatoes, quinoa, or pasta of your choice. The options are endless, and if you have a few things prepped in your fridge you can just grab whatever you need to fill out the remainder of your macros for the day.

Steak and broccoli

8:00pm Protein shake & nightcap watching great British baking show ??‍♀️ I don’t drink most nights, especially while breastfeeding, but I don’t avoid it. I plan for it in my macros when I want it, and generally treat it like dessert. I also try to only have one protein supplement per day. When I work out, I like to have my shake afterwards so I don’t have a shake at night. But, on rest days or when my day is just too busy to make it to the gym, a protein shake with some chocolate chips and whipped cream makes a great dessert. 

8:35pm Tried to go to bed. Babō woke up hungry

9:04pm Attempt no. 2 at bedtime

9:15pm Attempt no. 3 (success)

Nighttime feedings @ 10:50pm, 1:00am, 2:45am-3:30am, and awake at 5:30am!

Rinse and repeat! ?

Total Macros for the day: 139p, 238c, 76f

I don’t know about you guys but I’m wiped out from just reading this account of J-flo’s daily routine! And there’s not a single Crossfit workout in sight ? It makes J-flo’s post-pregnancy transformation even more impressive. J-flo gave birth on 16th September. Here’s a post she shared in our private Lifestyle group about where she’s at, nearly 8 weeks postpartum.

J-flo's facebook post

To find out more about working with coach J-flo or our coaching program check out our lifestyle memberships


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