Macro-friendly Potato Salad [Recipe]

Macro-friendly Potato Salad [Recipe]

This week we are bringing to you a recipe so easy, yet so delicious, there really isn’t much more to tell you! Watch the video and enjoy our macro-friendly potato salad. Then next time you have a BBQ, tail gate, or just want to enjoy some tasty spuds, you have no reason to go over your macros!


We used a medley of new potatoes from Costco, spicy brown mustard (a good squeeze!) and 2 tbsps of low-fat mayonnaise in our recipe. Whatever quantities you choose to add, just be sure that you have the full weight of your potatoes recorded & the total amount of mayo added. You’ll then decide the number of servings and weigh your potatoes according to the serving size. Create a recipe in My Fitness Pal and all the math is done for you! 🙂

Not sure on how to create recipes? Check out the Knowledge Bomb videos in the Library section of our website for My Fitness Pal Hacks.

Ingredient suggestions

Feel free to jazz up your salad with seasoning, crushed garlic, diced shallots or any delicious fresh herbs you enjoy like rosemary & cilantro.



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