Noah LaPorte – Transformation

Noah LaPorte – Transformation

We met Noah at Goose Island CrossFit in Chicago when we were on our seminar tour last year and en route to the Games! Noah is one of the MOST hospitable people we’ve ever met – which means a lot given our traveling history! It still makes my heart smile when I think about the incredibly warm welcome we were given. Aside from being a stand-up person in his community, Noah is the owner and head coach at Goose Island CrossFit.


After attending our seminar, Noah’s wife and several of his members had great success with flexible eating. Seeing his family & members own success, Noah decided to drop his excuses and step up to lead by example. Here’s what Noah had to say about his experience.


I started with the base numbers I calculated after the Own Your Eating seminar.

I got started because I decided I needed to be a better example to my members and kids. I dropped the story I was telling myself that I was too busy and committed to fixing my bad relationship with food.

Since last August I’ve lost 50 lbs.

My clothes fit better, I’ve dropped inches around my waist. Workouts have been easier and I haven’t lost much of my strength. Most importantly I have mental clarity and love how I feel.

My biggest hurdle is being busy. I’m a box owner and father of 3 so I have A LOT going on, but I have learnt to stop using my circumstances as excuses and prioritize my time better.

I used to do Paleo and would be really stressed if the food was what I might consider as “bad”. Since doing flexible eating I’ve changed my perspective about food being “good” or “bad”. I don’t mind having snacks or donuts with my kids because I know I can make it fit my numbers. Food doesn’t come with any strings attached anymore.

The biggest piece of advice I would give to someone thinking about starting is to just get started! Don’t wait for the “right” time and don’t over complicate it. Just track and hit your numbers!

Check out Noah and his amazing wife Jacquelyn. We love this husband and wife dream team and look forward to seeing them continue to crush their life goals together.


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