What Nutritionists Really Eat for Brunch

What Nutritionists Really Eat for Brunch

People always want to know what nutritionists and fitness professionals are eating. We get why you’re curious, and you’re smart to want to know more. The coaching team at Own Your Eating are always leading by example and know how to stay dialed in with their nutrition, even when they’re traveling or getting their brunch on. We all track our macros consistently and make little exception – we track the good days & the bad! ?

Just because we’re always tracking our food, it doesn’t mean that we’re super strict or avoid eating meals out. In case you don’t believe us, check out what our coaches are ordering when they’re hitting up their favorite lunch and brunch spots!



Courtesy of First Watch, an expanding, Florida-grown chain focused on locally sourced wholesome food! The Triathlete is an egg white omelet with house-roasted Crimini mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and green chillies. Served with housemade pico de gallo, whole grain artisan toast, all-natural house preserves and fresh fruit.

Nutrition Breakdown: 550 cals; 5g Fat; 97g Carbs; 33g Protein

Yoga followed by a good feed sets Mags up for a perfect day!

Here’s how Mags tracked what she ate:

Triathlete Macros

Coach Mags:

“I love First Watch because all of the macros are already laid out for you. You can find them on the website or right in MFP which makes tracking a breeze! Plus a lot of the options are super balanced and nutritious so it sets me up for success to hit my numbers for the rest of the day. One of the main reasons I love this meal in particular is because it is not super high in fat, it has a healthy portion of protein and is loaded with vegetables. It’s completely delicious & leaves me feeling full and satisfied for the rest of the day!.”

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This incredible breakfast combo was recently enjoyed by Coach J-Flo on a brunch date with her husband. The restaurant, Early Bird, isn’t a chain but it offers a pretty standard breakfast and brunch menu that makes it relatively easy for you to find comparable meals in the app. If you’re around the Denver area you should definitely check it out!

Nutrition Breakdown (per 1/2 serving of each plate): 932 cals; 52g Fat; 76g Carbs; 39g Protein
Breakfast nachos & French toast Early Bird

Our Macro Mamma’s eating for two you know! ?

J-Flo at brunch

Here’s how J-flo tracked what she ate for breakfast having split her meals with her hubby Kyle:


Nachos & French toast Nutrition breakdown
Coach J-Flo:

“We (my husband, Kyle and I) usually try to do a rest day morning/midday date because evenings are usually hard to get out with the kids. So breakfast/brunch is always a good option for us. We go to a place called Early Bird Restaurant which isn’t a chain but has a pretty typical breakfast/brunch menu. We both like to kind of ‘sample’ different things, so a lot of times we’ll get one sweet and one savory dish and split both. This time we got the breakfast nachos and creme brulee french toast with caramel and chocolate chip topping. A momma’s gotta eat! ?

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True Food Kitchen is THE spot according to Keir Keir. Apparently she’s not the only one who thinks so as their locations continue to spread nationwide. We’re totally on board with their philosophy, that food should make you feel better not worse. We love that they’re always using fresh, seasonal ingredients and that they have all their nutrition information easily available on their website.

Nutrition Breakdown: 540 cals; 16g Fat; 91g Carbs; 11g Protein

True Food blueberry pancakes

Here’s how simple it was for Keir to track:True Food pancakes nutrition

Coach Keir:

“I love love LOVE True Food Kitchen. If I could choose somewhere to go for every meal this would be my spot. I love the atmosphere, people, vibe, and of course the high quality food choices! A lot of the meals can be high in fat so I just try to keep that in mind when I’m planning to go there. I really enjoy their Blueberry Pancakes because for one I can’t beat the macros but mostly because I love how light they are! The blueberries are super fresh and pop in my mouth with every bite. I’m used to eating a really big breakfast but I always feel so full and satisfied after eating these!” 

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I had no idea there was such a thing as a full American Breakfast, but from what I can tell it basically means ordering every delicious breakfast food item off the menu. So essentially, it’s brunch! ? After the CrossFit Games we went to a local spot in downtown Madison called Short Stack Eats after I’d heard about their strong pancake game and popularity amongst many of the CrossFit athletes and staff – hey if it’s got Brooke Ence’s seal of approval then I’m gonna be on board!

Nutrition Breakdown: 1,020 cals; 31g Fat; 149.5g Carbs; 39.5g Protein

Jason's brunch at Short Stack Eatery

If any of you ever get the pleasure of eating out with Jason, you’ll discover that he has a tendency to monopolize the server’s time. Typically because he’s busy interrogating him or her on portion size, accompaniments and options for extras! But also because he usually ends up ordering EVERYTHING off the menu! It must be hard having that much food to eat…

Here’s how Jason tracked his breakfast of eggs, toast, pancakes & two sides of fruit.

American breakfast nutrition

Coach Jason:

“My approach is usually one of simplicity – unless Roz leads me astray and wants to split dishes! I wanted to go for an eggs Benedict special or the egg scramble but those kinds of brunch dishes typically lead to inaccuracies. For me it’s a whole lot easier when I can see each individual food component separately. For example, 3 fried eggs is very easy to track with accuracy vs a portion of scrambled eggs or a frittata where I can’t be sure on the number of eggs used or other ingredients added in. I asked for my fruit to come in separate bowls for eyeballing purposes and then opted for the pancakes as my “treat” for some balance, knowing that I could find an easy Ihop comparison. You’ve got to live a little!”

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Y’all are probably aware that I’m a pretty big fan of donuts – could be THE understatement of the year! Well, we’re not exactly spoilt for choice on the donut front down in Naples and besides, a donut barely puts a dent in what I would consider brunch – unless it comes from The Salty Donut, now those are some decadent donuts. Anyway, usually I can’t resist ordering French Toast when I see it on the menu, but lately I’ve been on a big pancake kick. Here’s a some of my recent favorites & how I’ve tracked them:

The Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut pancakes at Cinnamon’s at the Ilikai Hotel in Honolulu.

Nutrition Breakdown: Cals 522; 31.5g Fat; 55.5g Carbs; 10.5g Protein

Tracked as 2 Ihop Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Pancakes with 10 Macadamia Nuts.

Cinnamon's Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Cinnamon's chocolate chip macadamia nut pancakes

Sometimes a delicious stack of pancakes can make you go a little nuts.

Back in March my mum & sister were visiting and we went down to Miami to watch the Miami Open Tennis. I’d heard some really good things about Greenstreet Cafe in the Grove so after scouring their instagram pics I decided the pancakes were definitely the way to go.

The blueberry pancakes were legit! I got them with a side of cinnamon roll frosting because come on, who doesn’t love cinnamon roll frosting?!

Nutrition Breakdown: 521 Cals; 15g Fat; 79g Carbs; 15g Protein

Greenstreet cafe blueberry pancakes

Tracked as 2 Ihop blueberry pancakes with buttercream icing and a side of Canadian bacon – well my sister wasn’t eating it…Ihop blueberry pancakes nutrition

I usually like to indulge in a stack of pancakes either after I’ve worked out or done some kind of physical activity like going on a good hike, that way I’m really hungry for them. I’m not good at fasting so sometimes I’ve eaten something small earlier in the day, typically I’ll choose some protein like egg whites or a protein shake, in anticipation of ALL THE CARBS! ? Ihop is my go-to for a comparable entry in MyFitnessPal when I’m not eating at a chain, but after recently enjoying the lemon ricotta pancakes at First Watch I have a really good comparison for future pancakes that are the size of dinner plates! Lol!

First Watch Lemon ricotta pancakes

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Food for Thought

A lot of other dieting fads out there talk about “cheat days”.  The phrase implies that you’re enjoying a day when you get to eat stuff you really want to eat, and that you’re doing something bad or wrong. We don’t love that implication nor do we enjoy encouraging people to deprive themselves of foods they love so that they feel the need to “cheat”. We have quite the opposite approach in fact!

Sure, the Own Your Eating coaching team are all fairly consistent with their nutrition — like most people we tend to eat similar foods about 80% of the time for convenience. But we also focus on getting a good balance of whole food sources to ensure we support our workout performance and recovery. Every so often though, we all take a break from routine to enjoy a meal out. Call it what you want, “fun foods” or a “treat meal”. Just know that there’s no “cheating” involved. We still track – even if we have to make an educated guess or find a comparable meal in the MyFitnessPal app – and we still hit our macros at the end of the day. We just enjoy the treat of not having to prepare it and enjoying good food in good company.


What’s your favorite meal to enjoy out for breakfast or brunch and how do you plan ahead for it or go about tracking it when you can’t find it in MyFitnessPal? Comment below or tag us in your brunch pics @ownyoureating and use the hashtag #oyebrunchgoals 



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