Q&A with Jason Ackerman [Podcast EP 61]

Q&A with Jason Ackerman [Podcast EP 61]

In our Private VIP mentorship group, we often sit with our members and help them with questions and concerns for their clients.  In this discussion, Adam has some great questions that we think everyone can benefit from.  Maybe you are working with someone similar or maybe you are in a similar situation.  We cover much of this in our Certification as well, you can learn more about it here.

Questions we cover:

1. When to bump performance athletes? What to do if they are overeating due to higher volume training (Invictus, Comp training, MisFit, etc…)

2. How to deal with athletes not being consistent with macro counting and blaming hormones for no results (Tips & Tricks to keep them on track).

3. What type of athlete would need an Activity Level lower than 11.

4. What type of athlete would need an Activity Level higher than 15.

5. Realistic goal weight for an athlete 400lbs+ (athlete telling me they want to weigh 250lbs)? Is it OK to set their goal weight that low?

6. How to handle an athlete with Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Listen to this week’s episode:


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