Cheesesteak Sloppy Joe [Recipe]

Cheesesteak Sloppy Joe [Recipe]

Would you believe that up until a year ago I’d never had a sloppy Joe?! Yeah I know, where have I been?! Well mostly I was growing up in England and although Joes are fairly common there, the sloppy variety doesn’t feature quite so much.

Now obviously I’d heard of sloppy Joes from watching American TV shows like The Wonder Years – so many life lessons learnt from that show! I’m probably going to force my kids to watch it so I can avoid all those awkward teen talks šŸ™‚ – but I never really had a grasp for what they were made up of. Clearly they were delicious because everyone always looked forward to sloppy Joe night! Before ever giving them an opportunity to shine though, at some point in my life I think I decided they were unhealthy (who knows where that notion came from, maybe it has something to do with the word sloppy!).

So that’s how it came about that I lived 33 years of life without ever experiencing the tasty delights of sloppy Joes. Then one night whilst visiting ourĀ Louisville macro family the Drakes, Justin asked if everyone was cool with sloppy Joes for dinner and I was likeĀ “Hell Yasssss!”


Just tell me what the macros are and I’m ready to complete my inauguration into American culture! After singing the national anthem and pledging my allegiance, I gobbled down my sloppy Joe with a side of Mac n’ Cheese & broccoli tots. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more American meal šŸ™‚

Sloppy Joe

This is the stuff that American food dreams of made of! ? Hats off to the chef for this perfect flavor combo – Justin is clearly a connoisseur of American cuisine, which has no doubt been influenced by a small miniature version of Ashley, Miss Ellie Drake. Ā She’s an entrepreneur in the making that’s for sure!
Dinner with Drakes

I got the inspiration for this recipe obviously from the Drakes, who are two of the most efficient & effective people I know. They somehow manage to run their own successful business, The Natural Grip,* along with holding down two full-time jobs and caring for their daughter & dog. To say their lives are busy is an understatement! That’s why sloppy Joe nights with Mac n’ cheese are key. I got the genius idea to throw some cheese on top fromĀ I know, I know. Mind. Blown. ?

So what are you waiting for? Please the whole household and your belly with this quick and easy recipe. It’s soon to be a family favorite you’ll all look forward to sitting down to.


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