The Foundations Challenge [Podcast EP 62]

The Foundations Challenge [Podcast EP 62]

Jason and longtime friend EC Synkowski have put together a “done for you” nutrition challenge. The Foundations Challenge combines tracking macros along with 800 grams of fruits and veggies, quality and quantity.

“Running a successful nutrition challenge”

Lead from the front – coaches need to be onboard. Even if you “don’t agree” – be vulnerable, give something a shot, see what you learn. AND DO THROUGHOUT THE CHALLENGE!

Engaged throughout the challenge – Engagement always dies off. How to combat? Active community and daily content from Jason and EC.

Pick challenges that matter – don’t get lost in the minutiae of micromanaging your life. Pick challenges that are “simple (relatively speaking) and focus on things that matter (quality, quantity, sleep, exercise, sleep) — not cream in your coffee.

Be organized! – If you want people to sign-up – it has to be a well-run product. From promotion to sign-ups, to information provided … it has to be a professional “event” where people derive value.

“End before they’re done.” Pick a length of time that you can do all of the above, and do it well. Don’t let a challenge drag on for 12 weeks if the staff, content, team won’t be engaged. Generally, 4-5 week challenges are recommended.

What’s included:

Marketing materials, template emails, blog posts, flyers to drive challenge awareness and sign-ups

Daily educational content in SugarWOD during the 5-week challenge (this includes a “4-day jumpstart period” to onramp members, and info on tips & tricks to be successful on the diet, and educational information about general nutrition trends (IF, keto, etc.)

Leaderboarding and fist-bumping courtesy of the SugarWOD platform.

Our intention was a plug-n-play system for an affiliate owner to run a great challenge without as much work.

Sign-up –

Listen to this week’s episode:


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