Sarah “The Lifting Flutist” – OYE Podcast EP 43

Sarah “The Lifting Flutist” – OYE Podcast EP 43

Every so often we take a break from the usual Jason and Roz shenanigans to present an interview with someone that has made life changing progress with Own Your Eating. This week we’re chatting to crossfitter, single mom & talented flutist, Sarah Howard-Carter. 

I met Sarah at her L2 in Germany and we immediately connected, she’s funny, talented, and a complete badass, but that doesn’t always translate to your nutrition. We had numerous phone calls and something finally clicked and now her results have been absolutely astounding.

We discuss all of that in this interview, let me remind you, she is a single mom, in the military, a professional musician, travels all the time, finds time to train, and still makes it happen.

One thing I said to her that she repeats in this chat is:

“your progress with eating is not just related to eating, it’s your life, it’s your day to day, the things that you care about, and if you don’t have your nutrition dialed in, none of those things will fall into place.”

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