Transformation – Ryan Loftis

Transformation – Ryan Loftis

Ryan has lost 39 lbs. in just under a year and reduced his body fat composition from 32% to 11.3%! That’s phenomenal! Find out why, what, when & how Ryan made this lifestyle work all whilst enjoying things like vacations to Mexico, anniversary celebrations & getting ice cream with his 2 young kids. We’re so proud of Ryan and his incredible transformation!


How did you get started with flexible eating?

In January 2017, at my yearly physical, my doctor called me obese and said I could stand to lose 30lbs. Which really made me mad, since I was training so hard at CrossFit for the past 1.5 years. I knew he was only basing it on his charts of weight and height but it still pissed me off. I also felt like with how hard I was training I should look and feel better. Then I had seen some results from a friend of mine who had done a macro counting program. So I contacted her and she told me about her program, I then started researching as her program was more than I wanted to spend on an unknown (to me at the time) nutrition program. That’s when I found Own Your Eating and decided it was a price I could afford and not be too upset if it didn’t work for me. 


What results have you had? 

I lost 39 lbs with OYE in about 9 months, when I finally took progress pics I had gained a couple of pounds they show me at 190 lbs, my lowest was 188 lbs. Overall with since starting CrossFit and then OYE I’ve lost 49 lbs. I also went from 30% body fat to 11% body fat, I’ve been around 25% or so most of my life since high school. I’m now reverse dieting and putting on muscle. It’s so exciting to be hitting PRs in the box again especially gymnastics movements that I never dreamed possible.

What other changes have you noticed in your body or in general?

I’ve noticed a ton of “other changes”. My waist size has gone from 42″ to 33″, my shirt size has dropped from XL to L. I’ve had to get a completely new wardrobe. I have a ton more energy and confidence. I’m the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been in my life. I’ve gone from 0 strict pull-ups to 9. I hit my first bar muscle up and then went on to hit 30 in a workout for the CrossFit Team Series. And just got an 8 min PR on my “Murph” time from two years ago when I did it. And this year I did it with a 20lb vest for the first time. 


What did your journey look like?

I started tracking in mid-April 2017 and hit my goal weight at the end of January 2018 (down 39lbs in 9 months). You can see from my progress graph that my weight loss wasn’t all downhill, there were bumps in the road, times I didn’t see a change in the scale or times when the scale went the wrong way. I wasn’t perfect by any means, I had days where I ate like an asshole, times I went on vacation and drank too much but I kept tracking and kept trusting the process. I encourage all of you trying to lose weight to always track and always trust the process. I’m a firm believer that it will work! You can do this!

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What’s the one thing you previously would have deprived yourself of on a diet that you now get to enjoy guilt-free?

There’s several things. I would definitely deprive myself of sweets (donuts, cereal, oreos, etc.) I definitely had a negative association with just about any carbs previously and would avoid them as much as possible. 


What’s one piece of advice you would give others on this journey?

I’m a planner, I like to have a game plan for my day to day. I like to have a checklist, it makes me feel more productive with my day. With OYE I would plan my next day the night before while watching TV after putting my kids to bed (6yrs and 3yrs old) and it’s been working beautifully. It’s not always possible to plan ahead and the flexibility of OYE gives this lifestyle longevity but whenever possible I find it extremely helpful to plan my day ahead of time. I would also advise taking before pictures and measurements and not to follow the scale as a means of progress.

Thank you for this life changing program Jason and Roz ????

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