What Nutritionists Eat – Eating Out On The Go Like a Pro

What Nutritionists Eat – Eating Out On The Go Like a Pro

Just because you’re on the road or have to grab a bite to eat when you’re having a busy day, that doesn’t give you an excuse to go off track. If you checked out our previous post about what nutritionists really eat for brunch, you’ll know that you can still enjoy eating out and track your macros. What’s more, is that you can still get results too! To give you some ideas on where to go to make your flexible eating lifestyle easier, here’s some of our coaches favorite go-to places and orders for maximum satisfaction and accuracy!


Nutrition Breakdown: 510 cals; 20.5g Fat; 56g Carbs; 25g Protein

Jimmy Johns Turkey Tom

Ahhhh Jimmy John’s! Making gourmet sandwiches since 1983 that are 100% trackable and 100% the bomb.com! No wonder they’re Jen’s go-to easy lunch option when she’s having a busy day coaching with hubby Andrew, at their awesome box near Fenton Michigan, CrossFit Tuebor.

If you hold off on the mayo you can save yourself 18g of fat! Need to save some carbs & fat but get your protein in? Order the Unwich for what is essentially, a turkey breast lettuce wrap.

Jimmy John's lunch date
Coach Jen:

“This is my go-to quick meal out because I can adjust it any way I need to fit my numbers! If I do order this, it’s usually post workout since it has a good amount of carbs and protein and is quick and easy to grab when I’m on the go. It’s also consistent wherever I go in the country! For extra “bulk” when I’m really hungry, I double up on tomatoes and pickles!”


Nutrition breakdown:  895 cals; 30g Fat; 107g Carbs; 51.5g Protein

Jason loves Chipotle

Somehow when we were at our wedding and Jay put me under pressure to name his favorite restaurant I incorrectly answered with “In ‘n Out Burger”. We were in California after all and he had mentioned it at least once a day during our time there! Luckily I managed to save face by guessing correctly second time around. Of course it’s Chipotle. How could I forget the first place he officially treated me to dinner out?! ? When we were on our seminar tour we found ourselves checking out Chipotle’s across the country. The versatility of being able to make your meal exactly the way you like it makes it an easy pick for the both of us when we’re eating out.


My go-to Chipotle order is a steak burrito with fajita vegetables, cilantro lime white rice, tomato salsa, corn salsa and cheese all wrapped up in a flour tortilla. It’s delicious and SUPER filling! Of course you can easily substitute anything you want in your burrito and simply make your selection directly within the app like you’re checking a list. The app does all the hard work for you and calculates your overall macros. Simples!”


Nutrition Breakdown: 400 cals; 14g Fat; 44g Carbs; 25g Protein

Southwest Thin Bagel

Whether it’s for breakfast or lunch, you can’t go wrong with a bagel sandwich, especially when you happen to be in NYC and just a couple blocks away from Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company. Now this joint isn’t in the app, but that’s the beauty of bagel sandwiches, they are super easy to figure out the macros with some accuracy by finding a comparable bagel menu in the app. See below as to how I tracked this delicious “brunch” time bagel.

Roz eating a bagel

Bagel Macros


“When we’re in airports or on the road and I need something super satisfying that’s easy to track, I typically go for a bagel sandwich from Einstein Bros. Depending on what menu’s available, I’ll usually get one of their Thintastic bagels and some kind of egg white combo. Their Southwest thin with egg whites is super tasty, but I’ve also had egg whites turkey bacon and cheese before having done a bit of a DIY order which they don’t seem to mind. They have some great options and you can easily pick and choose to make your bagel fit exactly what you need. Einstein Bros makes eating out a stress-free and tasty experience!”


Nutrition Breakdown: 400 cals; 14g Fat; 38g Carbs; 32g Protein

If you can avert your eyes away from their glorious muffins, Panera Bread has some great options for high protein salads and soups. They actually have their own RD (registered dietician) on staff and they do office and home deliveries, making it pretty easy for you to still hit your macros if you’re out of town or if you’re having one of those weeks where time in the kitchen just isn’t going to happen.


“I remember at the end of the day one time when we were on our seminar tour, needing to try and make something on their menu work so I could hit my macros. I didn’t hit it perfectly but I got pretty close and their staff were super patient waiting for me, minutes to closing, whilst I stood there staring at the menu and flipping through my phone checking the macros in every dish. They have all their nutrition information online and pretty much all of it is in the app so it was easy to figure out. They’re probably one of my go-to choices when I’m looking for pre-made meals that are a little higher in quality on the road.”


Nutrition Breakdown: 340 cals; 14g Fat; 26g Carbs; 26g Protein

Starbucks sous vide

Ahhh Starbucks! I wonder how people used to order their coffee’s before Starbucks gave us the gift of choice and syrup. ? Whether you’re a fan of their coffee or not, Starbucks has some pretty good options for breakfast, lunch and snack packs. I’ll often find myself hitting them up in an airport or squealing excitedly when I see them sign-posted for only 1/4 mile off the highway!


“Here’s a travel hack meal for you from a traveling pastor who also happens to be one of our vegetarian clients (ovo-lacto vegetarian as she does consume dairy and eggs). Two portions of egg whites sous vide with a tall soy flat white comes to 480 cals; 18g Fat; 44g Carbs; 34g Protein. Since Abby shared her Starbucks go-to with us, it quickly became my meal of choice on the road too! I’m not a big fan of milky coffees but a flat white gives you that nice balance between a filling latte and a bitter black coffee. Choosing soy milk gives you that extra boost of protein too!”

Don’t forget, this lifestyle isn’t about being perfect. It’s about being consistent! Wherever it is that you’re eating out, try to make smarter choices that will allow you to be more accurate but also take into consideration that consuming lean protein on the road or when you’re out and about is tricky. Making sure you eat at least 20g of protein with each meal will keep you feeling satiated and help you to hit your overall protein goal for the day!

Do you have any go-to meals from chain restaurants that you’d like to share with us?! Let us know what they are by commenting below or share your macro-friendly meal with us in the Tribe on Facebook. 


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