Who is coach Keir Keir? [Podcast EP 48]

Who is coach Keir Keir? [Podcast EP 48]

Coach Keir Keir, Keirstein, aka our “Warrior Princess”, is an ambassador for change and doing what you love in life! So we thought for sure you’d want to find out what it is that makes Keir tick. Find out more about the real Keirstein Patt as Roz puts her in the hot seat on this week’s podcast episode.

Keir Keir joins us as a Precision Nutrition qualified coach and intern at North Naples CrossFit.

Join us as we try to figure out the difference between over-easy or sunny-side up; why every home should have a dog and why Keirstein wants to be able to read your mind!

For more information about Keirstein head on over to our site and check out her bio on the “Our Team” page.

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Coach Keir

If you’d like to keep up with what Keirstein and see how she lives her life in alignment with her goals, then head on over to her instagram profile:


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