Who is Magali Chauvin? – OYE Podcast EP 45

Who is Magali Chauvin? – OYE Podcast EP 45

Magali Chauvin, or more commonly known as Coach Mags, is our resident “Gut Health Guru” as a coach with the Own Your Eating Team. Mags is also a full time Level 2 CrossFit coach at North Naples CrossFit in Naples, Florida. Tune in as Roz puts Mags in the spotlight with some revealing life questions.

Mags is one of those people who you meet for the first time and feel like you’ve known your whole life. Radiating positive energy and encouragement, Mags is a natural-born coach – even though I think she was named to be a movie star!

Find out what Mags’ perfect day looks like, what her go-to brunch order is, what she would tell her 18 year-old self and so much more! Enjoy the video, or if you’re multi-tasking, simply click on the link below for the podcast audio.

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