Mantra Bands


Take your mantra with you every where you go! A beautiful way to be gently reminded and inspired by your guiding force so that your actions continue to align with your goals.



Handcrafted from genuine baseball glove lace sourced from American raised hides. Our double wrap bracelets come personalized with your choice of quote:

  • “Create change you believe in” 
  • “Trust the process”
All bracelets are equipped with a tri-buckle for easy wrapping and securing. The double wrap length is 19” but can be cut down to size depending on customer preference and wrist size.


Why we made these:

Change is hard. Sustaining change is even harder! Life is so fast-paced and full of competing demands that no matter our best intentions, we often relegate health & nutrition to the bottom of the pile. That’s why we developed our Mantra Bands! 

Mantra Bands serve as a simple reminder to help keep you inspired, motivated and on task with your flexible eating lifestyle. Without getting too sciencey on you, visual aids, like our mantra bands, help program the part of your brain that’s responsible for filtering information – for all you science nerds out there it’s called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). The RAS can only filter so much of the thousands of stimuli that descends on us each day though. The good news is we can help reprogram it and shape its filtering process. Through visual cues, you can command your brain to gather all of the unconscious information and experiences that relate to your specific goals. Even while you’re sleeping, your brain will organize all that information into helpful “stepping stones”, providing you with a pathway to achieving your goals and keeping them a priority in your life. 

Product Info:
Mantra Bands are NOT moisture resistant and should avoid being worn in the water, shower, or any other form of liquid to better preserve the lettering, leather, and buckle. Moisture or water WILL damage the leather, the wrapping, and the buckle.  We will not replace or repair these damages.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 1 × 4 × 4 in





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