Turkey & Sweet Potato Chili [Recipe]

Turkey & Sweet Potato Chili [Recipe]

While I love summer, when the weather starts cooling off I look forward to cooking up comforting bowls of hearty chili. I dug out my slow cooker for this one, making it a great dish to prep in the morning and allow to simmer away all day. Perfect for a busy week night or if you’re entertaining guests as this recipe will fill your home with deliciously enticing aromas.

This chili is full of lean protein, low on fat and packed full of high fiber carbs from the beans and sweet potatoes. If you want a little more fat you can have fun with toppings like cheese, avocado and sour cream… yum! You could also substitute your meat choice for something with a little more fat like beef. I wanted to keep my serving fairly lean so I topped it with 0% greek yogurt and some diced green onions.

This would be great with butternut squash instead of sweet potatoes too!

If you have turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner you could also make this chili and throw in your cooked, shredded turkey breast towards the end.

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