Beginner Macro Video Package

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This is for the people that are 0-30 days into their Macro counting journey or for people who might already be familiar with flexible eating, but are looking for a fresh, sustainable approach.


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NO prerequisite is needed for this purchase. Everything you need to know to get started is included in this video. If you want to look better naked and get started today then this video is for YOU!!

The beginner macro video package is for newbies to our program; for anyone who’s tired of yo-yo dieting and wants to get a better grasp on nutrition. Our successfully proven flexible eating formula and method, has helped thousands of people achieve incredible results in just 30 days. You’ll learn how you can eat ANYTHING you want & continue to be successful with your weight loss goals. In our Beginner Video, we break down Flexible Eating in an easy to digest (no pun intended) way, guaranteed to leave you confident and ready to dive in to this amazing lifestyle.

  • Do you want to look & feel better naked AND eat the foods you love?
  • Are you unsure what flexible eating is but your friends have been raving about it?
  • Have you started tracking but you’re using your friend’s numbers?
  • Or did you just wake up surrounded by empty Oreo wrappers & decided enough is enough?!


The “Beginner Macro Video Package” includes: 

  • The Beginner Macro Video
  • Macro-Dominant Food List

Put this in your cart NOW and get ready to change your life!! **100% Satisfaction Guaranteed**



Once you complete the checkout process, you will be redirected to a Thank You page with a download link. Click the link to access the PDF that will provide you with all the information you need to access this video.

12 reviews for Beginner Macro Video Package

  1. Kathleen Hothem

    Loaded with info and easy to follow.

  2. Paulina Perez

    A great introduction and explanation of how to get started with flexible eating.

  3. marianne matus

    Thorough information and easy to understand.

  4. Lori S.

    Great info – can I rewatch the video in the future?

    • Own Your Eating

      Yes of course you can Lori! The video is always accessible to you form your account.

  5. Sara C.

    This was SO helpful. This is my first time being successful with macro counting. I’ve tried before but wasn’t successful. Roz and Jason break it down and make it easy to get started. This video is an absolute must if you’re a beginner.

    • Own Your Eating

      We’re so glad our approach and breakdown was helpful for you!

  6. Anonymous

    Lots of knowledge shared in an accessible way.

  7. Kathleen Wilkinson

    Defiantly helped my understand how flexible eating works ,even though I had done it before I totally feel confident that I’m going to reach my goal weight this time due to having a better understanding of it . Thanks Jason and Roz !

    • Own Your Eating

      Thanks Kathy! We’re so glad it helped solidify your understanding and approach to things.

  8. Abosede O.

    Video is great. it really breaks down what flexible eating is all about

  9. Anonymous

    The Beginner Video gives you all the foundational knowledge you need to get started with flexible eating. Even if you’ve tracked macros before, there is plenty of useful information in this video that would benefit an experienced flexible eater, beyond Jason & Roz’s macro calculation. Their mindset is on point!

  10. Laura P.

    The Beginner video does such a great job of laying out everything you need to know to get started, in a logical and easy to understand format. I’m on day 4 and really getting in to the groove of tracking. I’m so excited I get to have ice cream tonight! This is truly not another diet, it’s a lifestyle!

  11. Kristin

    Great way to get introduced to this process! The video does a nice way of informing and covering all the bases, including several reservations I had. Jason and Roz are very easy to listen to, well-spoken and clearly knowledgable on the subject at hand. They do a great job introducing this as a lifestyle and guide you through in a manner that is realistic and sustainable.

  12. Anonymous

    Great information for someone just starting out (even with an extensive nutritional background). This gave me just the right information to immediately start tracking and seeing awesome results very quickly. THANKS!

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